LCS: Week Six Day One Recap

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LCS: Week Six Day One Recap

Clutch Gaming v 100 Thieves

LCS week six
*Note: The first champ selection was remade, Ssumday played Riven and AnDa played Jarvan IV. CG and 100T team compositions with 100T Huhi center. Photo via LoL Esports.


The LCS week six started off with quite a game. 100 Thieves (“100T”) pulled off a victory over Clutch Gaming (“CG”), but many won't consider it deserved. CG dominated 100T from the offset, LirA ganked the top lane multiple times to set Ssumday's Riven very far behind. CG found three kills in that lane, and three more in a skirmish around the Dragon. LirA continued to abuse Ssumday at 13 minutes, killing him once again and taking his tower for the First Tower bonus.

CG kept up the pressure, taking all the outer towers and cleaning up all the neutral objectives. That was until the 20 minute mark. Once CG hit this point, they almost completely stopped pushing any of their advantages. They only took a couple objectives in the next 10 minutes, and allowed 100T to essentially scale for free.

Because they had so much time gifted to them, 100T managed to get to an adequate point to fight. At 30 minutes, 100T pulled the trigger on Piglet, killing him immediately. They went to Baron, and CG lost all five members trying to contest it. Now 100T were in the driver's seat. They quickly smashed multiple towers and brought the gold lead back to near even.

The game devolved into a bunch of fights as 100T pushed all three lanes. Huhi was first caught out, then 100T lost a fight two-for-one in CG's jungle. It wouldn't be enough though, as at 36 minutes a final team fight erupted. 100T slaughtered CG, Ace'ing them. 100T easily pushed through bottom to make the comeback win at 37 minutes.

Echo Fox v Team SoloMid

LCS week six
FOX and TSM team compositions with FOX Hakuho center. Photo via LoL Esports.


In the second match of the day Team SoloMid (“TSM”) defeated Echo Fox (“FOX”). It was a hard fought victory and had to fight for a long time to get it. FOX started off the game on a rampage, mainly at the hands of Rush's substitute Panda. They found First Blood in the bottom lane onto their hyper carry Tristana and an Ocean Dragon. They pushed the lead more when they won a top lane skirmish two-for-zero and snagged the Rift Herald, which helped them to get the First Tower bonus too.

FOX kept it up, taking more Dragons and towers as they pushed TSM around. They had a decent lead and decided to start up Baron Nashor. Unfortunately for them Akaadian jumped in and stole the objective! After this TSM knocked down multiple towers in different lanes. They now had control of the game.

As TSM continued to split push, FOX tried to start up the Baron again. Broken Blade and Bjergsen decided to keep pushing, taking the bottom Inhibitor and going even further. The other TSM members tried to stop the backs but FOX backed just in time to stop the duo from destroying their Nexus. With their base in shambles, FOX had to play very safe.

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The two teams traded major objectives back and forth, but most of them didn't amount to much. The game dragged on as both teams hesitated to make a game ending mistake. Finally at 49 minutes TSM struck. First they killed the Elder Dragon. Then fights broke out all over. TSM rushed into FOX's base amidst all this chaos to take an Inhibitor. They took that, then rushed the Nexus. They managed to finish it at nearly 50 minutes.

Cloud9 v Golden Guardians

LCS week six
C9 v GGS team compositions with C9 Sneaky center. Photo via LoL Esports.


The third game of the LCS week six featured Cloud9 (“C9”) defeating Golden Guardians (“GGS”). GGS, with their early game focused composition, did find some advantages in the first 15 minutes. Though they lost First Blood in a bottom lane skirmish, they killed two C9 members. At 10 minutes GGS turned around a dive by C9, getting two kills for one again. With their winning top lane, they also slayed the Rift Herald, which allowed them to get the First Tower bonus mid.

But C9 didn't roll over. Blaber constantly secured Dragons when they spawned, while C9's bottom duo dominated their counterparts and took multiple towers around the map. GGS usually traded towers back but as more gold was accumulated, the stronger C9 got.

After 23 minutes both teams caught out and killed opposing members. This made the game stall out for a little bit. That was until the 31 minute mark. This is when C9 engaged a team fight in the middle lane and quickly killed two GGS players. They took the Baron shortly after but lost a couple of buffs because of over-chasing kills.

C9 was destructive with the Hand of Baron buff. GGS' composition lacked wave clear and couldn't keep up with C9's siege. C9 smashed through the middle lane to take their first Inhibitor before turning towards the bottom lane. They brought down one tower before turning to the Elder Dragon.

GGS showed up to contest the Elder take but it was no use. C9 secured the buff and turned to fight. They killed two GGS members and saw their opportunity to run down into the base. They grouped up with their minions and smashed GGS' Nexus with little contest at 37 minutes.

FlyQuest v Counter Logic Gaming

LCS week six
FLY and CLG team compositions with CLG Darshan center. Photo via LoL Esports.


The fourth match of the day was quicker than the ones before it, with Counter Logic Gaming (“CLG”) convincingly winning over FlyQuest (“FLY”). V1per picked his signature Riven, but Darshan's counter pick Jax was very successful. At four minutes Wiggily ganked top and got First Blood for Darshan, giving the Jax a big early lead. PowerOfEvil killed Santorin with Wiggily's help too. FLY did have control of the Dragon pit, but it wasn't anywhere near enough.

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CLG slayed the Herald and used it to push their advantage top and get the First Tower bonus. At 15 minutes, CLG threw four men bottom and killed two more FLY players. CLG now had control over the map. They pushed down towers and secured themselves an Infernal Dragon. PowerOfEvil even killed JayJ under his tower with a clean combo and disgusting damage.

Darshan demonstrated just how ahead he was at 25 minutes. He destroyed a bottom Tier Two Tower while V1per attacked him, then turned and solo killed him. He kept exerting pressure while his team easily knocked down middle and top towers with numbers advantages.

After recalling, the team grouped at the Baron with a large gold an item lead. They killed it with no problem and turned towards the close FLY members. CLG slaughtered FLY as they retreated towards their base. Only one survived, but he was no where near enough to stop CLG's advance. They pushed through the bottom lane and first took the Inhibitor. The Nexus fell right after, at 28 minutes, helping their playoffs hopes here in the LCS week six.

Team Liquid v OpTic Gaming

LCS week six
TL and OPT team compositions with OPT Dhokla center. Photo via LoL Esports.


Team Liquid (“TL”) dominated OpTic Gaming (“OPT”) to close out the first of the LCS week six. In typical TL fashion they had complete control over all aspects of the game and choked OPT out. First Blood was secured by OPT, but TL traded the kill back. TL secured an early Ocean Dragon too. A few minutes later TL won a skirmish two-for-zero and sweetened the deal with a Mountain Dragon.

TL pushed their advantage in the top side of the map by killing Dhokla and slaying the Rift Herald. Soon after they used the Herald mid and took all three towers in the lane. OPT managed to defend their exposed Inhibitor, but it wouldn't stay that way.

A one-for-one delayed TL's rampage for a short time. It wasn't long though, as TL decided to force the Baron at 25 minutes. OPT had to contest it, which was exactly what TL wanted. They turned off the Baron and engaged on OPT with a great Kennen flank. Three OPT members fell immediately . TL didn't even bother with the Baron and just pushed mid instead. They smashed the Inhibitor and both Nexus Towers before getting low. Despite their low health bars they continued the siege, and in the end they killed more OPT players and the Nexus at 27 minutes.

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Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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