LCS Summer 2019: Week Three Day Two Recap

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LCS Summer 2019: Week Three Day Two Recap

OpTic Gaming vs Team Liquid

OPT v TL summer19 w3d2
OPT and TL team compositions with TL Xmithie center. Photo via LoL Esports.

Team Liquid (“TL”) started off the day with a necessary win over OpTic Gaming (“OPT”). Because TL showed some weakness, there were doubts they could beat OPT, but TL silenced them. Xmithie killed Big in a bottom lane gank for First Blood, giving his superstar bottom lane duo a decent lead. Between 10 and 20 minutes TL decided to skirmish with OPT at a few different points over objectives. These fights were all wins for TL, with them getting the Rift Herald, an Infernal Dragon and First Tower bonus as a result.

OPT wasn't out of the game though. They won a team fight at 22 minutes, which allowed them to take the Baron. Though it didn't net them a huge lead, it equalized the gold difference. But TL struck back after the second Baron spawned. OPT attempted to rush it, but Xmithie stole it away from Meteos. After this TL demolished multiple towers and Inhibitors before moving towards the dragon pit. TL won the ensuing team fight three-for-zero, then pushed in to finish off OPT's Nexus against little resistance.


Time: 36:49

Kills: 12-17

Turrets: 4-10

Gold: 61.0k-68.2k

Dragons: 1-3

Barons: 1-1

Echo Fox vs 100 Thieves

FOX v 100T summer19 w3d2
FOX and 100T team compositions with 100T Bang center. Photo via LoL Esports.

100 Thieves (“100T”) finally ended their loss streak with a close win over Echo Fox (“FOX”). The early game was fairly even, as both junglers found successful ganks and Solo solo killed FakeGod twice. 100T pulled ahead at 12 minutes though when they won a team fight and denied FOX the Rift Herald. It didn't last all that long though, as FOX turned it back in their favor with a two-for-one team fight win at 22 minutes.

FOX furthered their lead by winning another team fight a minute later, where they killed four 100T members and took the Baron right after. Unfortunately FOX couldn't do too much damage to 100T with it, as a team fight went in the favor of 100T to stall out the siege. The second Baron respawned, and with a convincing team fight win, 100T secured it this time. This buff made it simple for 100T to cut down a few more FOX members and claim their first Nexus of the split.

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Time: 35:21

Kills: 14-18

Turrets: 6-8

Gold: 62.1k-65.5k

Dragons: 1-3

Barons: 1-1

Team SoloMid vs Cloud9

TSM v C9 summer19 w3d2
TSM and C9 team compositions with C9 Sneaky center. Photo via LoL Esports.

The most recent installment of the iconic NA rivarly resulted in Team SoloMid (“TSM”) defeating Cloud9 (“C9”). It was an action packed game with both teams showing some great things. Nisqy secured First Blood early on in a 2v2 mid, but a few minutes later BrokenBlade solo killed Licorice. The match was even until a fight near the Rift Herald netted TSM four kills and the objective.

From here, TSM controlled the map and gradually took down towers to further their lead. TSM constantly put some pressure on Baron, but at 26 minutes they acted on it and started to take it. C9 won the ensuing fight four-for-three, then regained control. There were a couple more small fights, but the final one broke out at 33 minutes. Here, in the middle lane, TSM slaughtered all five C9 members. With this advantage they ran straight down the lane and finished their Nexus.


Time: 34:32

Kills: 15-9

Turrets: 9-1

Gold: 62.8k-57.8k

Dragons: 2-1

Barons: 0-0

Clutch Gaming vs FlyQuest

CG v FLY summer19 w3d2
CG and FLY team compositions with FLY JayJ center. Photo via LoL Esports.

FlyQuest's (“FLY”) struggled continued today with another loss, this time against Clutch Gaming (“CG”). It was an even but quiet, with Santorin securing First Blood with a bottom lane gank and CG diving to kill Pobelter top. But CG soon pulled ahead, claiming multiple objectives for themselves to advance their gold and tower lead. This helped CG to rush the Baron and secure it without a fight.

This Baron didn't result in too much damage, so CG had to wait for the second one to spawn and took that after finding a pick onto JayJ. This Baron made a larger impact, as two FLY Inhibitors lay in ruin by the time it ran out. But the Nexus still stood tall. Due to the pressure from the lanes and better positioning, CG grabbed their third Baron at 37 minutes. This one was enough for FLY to destroy all three Inhibitors, kill a few more FLY members and demolish the Nexus.

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Time: 39:30

Kills: 13-6

Turrets: 11-2

Gold: 75.0k65.2k

Dragons: 3-3

Barons: 3-0

Golden Guardians vs Counter Logic Gaming

GGS v CLG summer19 w3d2
GGS and CLG team compositions with CLG Biofrost center. Photo via LoL Esports.

Counter Logic Gaming (“CLG”) wrapped up week two of the LCS with a win over the Golden Guardians (“GGS”). This match was action packed, with constant fighting all over the map in the early-mid game. Wiggly started it all off with First Blood onto Froggen, but GGS caught out Wiggily shortly after. Blood continued to flow all over the map, with roams and ganks gaining both sides kills.

The mid game had fighting, but less kills overall as neither team wanted to over-commit on a fight. At 21 minutes GGS grouped bottom with CLG tried to push elsewhere, and ended up taking two towers and the Inhibitor. But they stayed too long and CLG killed two as they retreated. This man advantage allowed them to secure the Baron Nashor. This Baron stalled out with little impact, and the game stalled for a bit. It all came down to one team fight at 31 minutes, where CLG came up huge. They killed slaughtered four GGS members and ran into the base to smash their Nexus.


Time: 32:00

Kills: 12-15

Turrets: 5-8

Gold: 54.9k-59.3k

Dragons: 2-2

Barons: 0-1

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Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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