LCS Summer 2019: Week Four Day Two Recap

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LCS Summer 2019: Week Four Day Two Recap

Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

C9 v CLG summer19 w4d2
C9 and CLG team compositions with C9 Zeyzal center. Photo via LoL Esports.

Cloud9 (“C9”) showed they were ready for Rift Rival with a convincing win over Counter Logic Gaming (“CLG”). Wiggily did manage to secure First Blood for his bottom lane, but Svenskeren showed him up. He, along with Zeyzal, made multiple plays around the middle lane to accrue a gold lead. At 14 minutes they really broke open the game, as C9 took the Rift Herald and used it top to knock down a tower. Nisqy also solo killed PowerOfEvil in the middle lane at the same time.

C9 made another big play at 23 minutes. Here, they won a team fight three-for-one, which led to a middle tower and Cloud Dragon. Three minutes later, Licorice assassinated Stixxay, then C9 grabbed the Baron buff. They didn't do too much with this buff and had to wait until 33 minutes to get the second one. This buff went much farther as C9 easily destroyed two Inhibitors with it by 34 minutes. Once C9 was in the base, CLG tried to mount a defense, but C9 ran over them and finished the game after taking a few lives.


  • Time: 35:37
  • Kills: 11-4
  • Turrets: 10-2
  • Gold: 69.0k-58.0k
  • Dragons: 4-1
  • Barons: 2-0

FlyQuest vs 100 Thieves

FLY v 100T summer19 w4d2
FLY and 100T team compositions with 100T Ryu center. Photo via LoL Esports.

The roster changes certainly appear to be working out, as 100 Thieves (“100T”) get their third win of the split over FlyQuest (“FLY”). FLY did control the early game though, as Santorin mercilessly camped the top lane to give V1per a huge lead. On the other hand, 100T focused the bottom lane and amassed a lead there. It was a battle between lanes as they went into the mid-game. At 21 minutes 100T snuck the Baron, and knocked down a few towers with it, but not any Inhibitors.

As a result, 100T had to wait for the second Baron. When they started it at 27 minutes, V1per took an Inhibitor in the bottom lane and forced 100T away from the objective. A few minutes later FLY secured the second Baron but paid two lives and the middle Inhibitor for it. They couldn't do sufficient damage either, and thus the game stalled on longer. Eventually, 100T took both the Elder Dragon and the Baron, which allowed them to push into FLY's base, kill a couple of FLY members and take their Nexus.

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  • Time: 41:07
  • Kills: 5-9
  • Turrets: 5-10
  • Gold: 66.5k-74.9k
  • Dragons: 3-3
  • Barons: 1-2

Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming

TL v CG summer19 w4d2
TL and CG team compositions with CG Vulcan center. Photo via LoL Esports.

Team Liquid (“TL”) readied up for Rift Rivals too with a victory over Clutch Gaming (“CG”). Though TL was the heavy favorites and did win, CG fought hard. Cody Sun killed Doublelift in the 2v2 lane, while Huni solo killed Impact top. But Xmithie got his bottom lane duo back into the game with a well-executed gank and stole an Ocean Dragon away from CG. CG attacked the other side of the map and they took the First Tower bonus and the second top tower with multiple members.

CG snuck the Baron at 20 minutes, but TL stalled their siege by diving Huni in the top lane. At 24 minutes they took full control of the game by winning a team fight three-for-zero, then pushing down the middle Inhibitor. They forced CG into a hard decision at 27 minutes, sending Jensen top to split while pressuring Baron. CG chose to fight at Baron, but the extended fight resulted in them losing all five members. TL seized this opportunity to rush the base, cut down a couple more members, and smash the Nexus.


  • Time: 29:00
  • Kills: 17-8
  • Turrets: 8-6
  • Gold: 56.6k-50.6k
  • Dragons: 3-1
  • Barons: 0-1

Golden Guardians vs Team SoloMid

GGS v TSM summer19 w4d2
GGS and TSM team compositions with GGS Hauntzer center. Photo via LoL Esports.

This fourth match of the day broke the record for the longest game of this split, but in the end Team SoloMid (“TSM”) brought down the Golden Guardians (“GGS”). The early game was quite close though, with both teams making moves all over the map. TSM did get some kills on Bjergsen and he became a huge menace. But on the other side of the Rift, Froggen's Anivia was fantastic at finding picks and halting TSM's engages.

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The mid and late game were volatile as both teams found winning fights. They each secured Baron buffs, and though Inhibitors on both sides of the map fell, neither team could break through to the Nexus. Eventually, the teams pulled back from fighting, but TSM executed some smart macro moves to destroy some Inhibitors and create pressure. At 48 minutes the stall finally ended when TSM caught out Olleh and took the Baron. This gave TSM the ability to kill four GGS members and, at long last, demolish their Nexus.


  • Time: 49:37
  • Kills: 14-25
  • Turrets: 6-11
  • Gold: 89.0k-95.7k
  • Dragons: 3-4
  • Barons: 1-3

Echo Fox vs OpTic Gaming

FOX v OPT summer19 w4d2
FOX and OPT team compositions with OPT Scarlet center, Photo via LoL Esports.

Echo Fox (“FOX”) closed out the week with a great comeback win over OpTic Gaming (“OPT”). OPT had an incredible early game, and it all started with Meteos, who solo killed Panda for First Blood when he invaded his jungle. Dhokla was a menace too, absolutely smashing Lourlo in lane and, with the help of Meteos, diving and killing him. After this dive, Scarlet got in on the action too with a kill on Fenix. But shortly after, OPT made two horrendous plays that gave FOX five kills and a Baron buff.

FOX didn't get much with the buff and OPT were able to defend their structures well. OPT managed to snag back the lead with a massive team fight win and a Baron Nashor kill, but their overaggression gave that lead right back to FOX. FOX capitalized on this well, taking an Inhibitor in the middle lane. All FOX needed after this was one more team fight to kill multiple OPT members and blast through the base. They celebrated their comeback with a grand Nexus explosion.


  • Time: 37:30
  • Kills: 15-6
  • Turrets: 9-2
  • Gold: 66.6k-60.2k
  • Dragons: 2-3
  • Barons: 1-1

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Featured image via LoL Esports Flickr.

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