LCS Spring Split 2020: Week Two | Day One Recap

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LCS Spring Split 2020: Week Two | Day One Recap

The LCS is back, and after an exciting Week One, the teams are ready to go another round. With the meta taking shape and Sett smashing into pro play, its certain to be a wild ride here in Week Two!

Counter Logic Gaming vs 100 Thieves

CLG v 100T LCS LoL Spring 2020 week two day one

To kick off the day, 100 Thieves (“100T”) won an exciting back and forth game against Counter Logic Gaming (“CLG”). In it, CLG showed some signs of hope but continued to struggle as they did last week. Despite getting First Blood from a misplayed Meteos tower dive, CLG never leveraged their advantage. Instead, 100T had firm control over the dragon pit and had two dragons by 12 minutes. CLG attempted to dive Ssumday top, but Ssumday turned it around with his Haymaker to get a huge two-for-one trade.

After this, CLG seemed paralyzed while 100T continued to rack up objectives. They took the First Tower bonus at 13 minutes, knocked down two more towers and easily claimed the Mountain Soul. This made it even harder for CLG to fight them. Further disaster struck for CLG at 25 minutes when two of their members were caught out. As a result, 100T claimed their first Baron. This buff enabled them to knock down multiple towers and Inhibitors.

As 100T tried to take the last one though, and team fight erupted. It looked good for 100T at first, but Ruin's Kayle ramped up in damage and slaughtered three members to save his base. Afterward, CLG slew the Elder Dragon. Now appearing powerful, they tried to make a play for Baron, but Ryoma's poke was too much and forced them away. With this, 100T grabbed their second Baron. Shortly after, Smoothie was caught woefully out of position and gifted his life to the empowered 100T roster. CLG couldn't manage the 4v5 and were Ace'd in their base before 100T smashed their Nexus.


  • Time: 36:22
  • Kills: 9-14
  • Turrets: 4-11
  • Gold: 61.0k-65.7k
  • Dragons: 1-4
  • Barons: 0-2

Team Dignitas vs Team Liquid

DIG v TL LCS LoL week two day one

A lot of people counted them out before the split started, but as Team Dignitas (“DIG”) defeated the NA giants Team Liquid (“TL”), DIG proved they're a serious contender. This was another back and forth game, but DIG is continuing their hot streak at the hand of a few key plays. First off, Grig ganked mid at six minutes to kill Jensen's Ryze for First Blood. Next, DIG killed the Rift Herald and used it to destroy the bottom tower for the First Tower bonus. Though they didn't take the first one until 13 minutes, DIG had immaculate dragon control and accumulated them quickly.

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The early-mid game was relatively quiet, with objective trades going about even. There were a couple of small fights but none of major consequences. That was until Jensen solo killed Huni and demolished his bottom tier two tower. With this immense pressure, TL decided to play for Baron. They secured the buff but lost a member for it. Unfortunately for them, DIG had the inside track on the dragon pit, where they claimed their fourth dragon and the Infernal Soul. The teams bode their time for a short while until TL traded a kill for DIG's bottom Inhibitor.

Then something crazy happened. DIG pushed up to TL's middle Inhibitor tower, where they tried to dive. TL flipped the play around on them and took two lives as punishment. Now TL was on the offensive, barreling down mid to take the Inhibitor there before moving top. But just as they had before, DIG punished their overstay harshly. They cut down four from TL before rushing their base to ravage it and narrowly end the game amongst a chaotic fight.


  • Time: 40:56
  • Kills: 13-9
  • Turrets: 8-9
  • Gold: 74.3k-73.5k
  • Dragons: 5-0
  • Barons: 0-2

Cloud9 vs Immortals

C9 v IMT LoL LCS spring 2020 week two day one

The third match of the day was an absolute stomp for Cloud9 (“C9”), as they demolished the Immortals (“IMT”). C9 had a great week last week and is still looking like the best team in the LCS right now. Nisqy initiated it all at five minutes when he solo killed his opposing mid laner, Eika. From here, Nisqy commanded respect and was a strong force in upcoming fights. The first of these came at eight minutes when both teams met 5v5 at the Rift Herald. C9 made a great engage which resulted in two kills and the objective. Soon after, C9 used Shelly to knock down the First Tower bonus top.

With an already sizable lead, C9 never let off the gas. They slew a Cloud Dragon, killed Soaz under his tower and used a second Rift Herald to destroy the outer middle tower. C9 did make one mistake by diving the middle tier two, as they lost a member here, but Licorice solo killed Soaz to make up for it. C9 rotated across the map flawlessly, leveraging their lead to open up the map further. Eventually, C9 found yet another pick onto Soaz, which led to them freely taking the Mountain Dragon and Soul.

With this, it was child's play for C9 to win a team fight at 25 minutes. At this time, C9 obliterated three from IMT before killing Baron Nashor. Though IMT managed to pick off Licorice, Zven's Senna was able to siege IMT's bottom Inhibitor with ease, even outmanned. Within a couple of minutes, C9 had smashed two Inhibitors and was poised to end. IMT attempted to force a team fight, but they were far too weak to make it work. C9 Ace'd them and strolled into the back of IMT's base to blast their Nexus.

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  • Time: 29:44
  • Kills: 15-3
  • Turrets: 10-1
  • Gold: 59.2k-43.2k
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 1-0

Evil Geniuses vs Golden Guardians

EG v GG LoL LCS spring 2020 week two day one

The final match of the day featured two pretty unique team compositions, but in the end, the Golden Guardians (“GG”) triumphed over the Evil Geniuses (“EG”). EG utilized the infamous Sona-Tahm Kench duo that was popular last year but couldn't execute on it well enough. However, both teams had success in the early game. EG secured the first Rift Herald and First Blood onto Goldenglue, while GG picked up a Moutain Dragon and a pick onto Jiizuke. The teams fought constantly between 17 and 19 minutes, and throughout all this time they traded kills and tower takes.

Despite EG having the composition to do so, GG instead turned on during the mid-game. They picked Svenskeren at 25 minutes and took an Ocean Dragon. A few minutes later, GG won a 4v5 fight to kill Kumo and buy time for Hauntzer to destroy EG's bottom Inhibitor. This move gave GG spectacular pressure to work with, which also led to a Baron secure. With this buff, GG demolished two Inhibitor towers and the top Inhibitor. The game stalled for a few minutes as GG waited for the second Baron, and when it spawned, they were able to trade Hauntzer's life for it.

After Hauntzer respawned, GG pushed their second Baron buff to take the middle Inhibitor. But as they rotated to the Ocean Dragon, their potential fourth dragon, EG followed. Svenskeren landed a fantastic Smite to steal it, and in the ensuing fight EG got one kill. With this, EG tried to end the game but were routed and lost two themselves. But the remaining three from EG stayed to push as FBI Teleported to EG's base. It became a base race, but GG fought EG off long enough for FBI to break into the base and crack the Nexus.


  • Time: 39:05
  • Kills: 13-9
  • Turrets: 5-11
  • Gold: 64.9k-69.7k
  • Dragons: 3-3
  • Barons: 0-2


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