LCS Spring 2020: Week Three | Day Three, Monday Night League Recap

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LCS Spring 2020: Week Three | Day Three, Monday Night League Recap

The third week of Monday Night League has come and gone. Two exciting matchups awaited fans tonight and the games certainly delivered. From breathtaking fights to epic back doors, Monday Night League had it all!

Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians

League of Legends NA LCS Spring 2020 week three day three monday night league Team Liquid v Golden Guardians

The first match of the night was one people thought would be one-sided, and it was, but in favor of the underdogs. Against all odds, the Golden Guardians (“GG”) took a big win off of the still struggling Team Liquid (“TL”). The TL squad looked once again lost this game, especially in the bottom lane. In fact, GG's Keith killed Doublelift for First Blood in the isolated 2v2 lane. But this seemed to get Shernfire fired up, as he ganked and killed Goldenglue mid, then went bottom to kill him when he respawned. On top of that, he slew an Ocean Dragon.

But GG wasn't silent during this time, as they grabbed the Rift Herald and plopped Shelly mid to take the First Tower bonus. Moving into the mid-game, both teams made plays of their own. TL slew a couple more dragons, while GG focused on towers and the Rift Herald. It looked like a relatively even game, but then GG snuck a Baron and secured it before TL could find out. As a result, GG catapulted miles ahead. With this tempo, GG kicked it up a notch. As they sieged the bottom lane, Closer made a beautiful Flash-kick onto Doublelift to start off a team fight GG won two-for-zero.

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After this fight, GG decimated two Inhibitors and broke the game wide open. Next up in the GG's game plan was to move top and take the second tower there. They then sieged the Inhibitor tower, knocking that down quickly. But TL forced an engage, and despite it going three-for-three, GG took the last Inhibitor. Only two members survived from GG, but they went on the offensive and Ace'd TL. This gave them more than enough time to walk over their corpses and smash the Nexus.


  • Time: 30:17
  • Kills: 7-12
  • Turrets: 2-11
  • Gold: 48.1k-56.7k
  • Dragons: 3-0
  • Barons: 0-1

Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals

League of Legends NA LCS Spring 2020 week 3 day 3 monday night league CLG v Immortals imt

The second match of the day was quite a back-and-forth between Counter Logic Gaming (“CLG”) and Immortals (“IMT”). CLG started off on a strong foot; Stixxay killed Hakuho for First Blood in the bottom lane 2v2 and Wiggily slew a Cloud Dragon and Rift Herald. At 10 minutes, the CLG team picked off and killed Eika too. But at the drop of a hat they made missteps and fell victim to IMT, as IMT picked up three kills from multiple positioning errors in the span of a minute. With this, they had the opportunity to claim a dragon of their own.

Moving into the mid-game, the trades continued, IMT dove and killed Crown in the bottom lane, but lost the First Tower bonus to CLG in the top lane. After that, a number of objective trades occurred between the two teams to open the map up more. At the 22 minute mark, a split team fight erupted in the top river, where CLG managed to come out on top two-for-one in kills. This allowed them to destroy the second middle tower. But IMT struck back by picking Wiggily and getting a second dragon.

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After this series of plays, there were a few scuffles near Baron. Eventually, CLG won a fight and got a kill, which led to them claiming a Baron buff. This, in turn, got CLG the Ocean Soul too. Although it looked doomed for IMT, they weren't ready to go down. They defended their base quite well and only lost two towers. Because they stalled so well, a second Baron spawned. Both squads met here, where a team fight started up. Something was different though, as Eika and Altec Teleported away from it. As IMT stopped the CLG backs, they rampaged through the base and went straight to the Nexus, blasting it before CLG could stop them.


  • Time: 40:34
  • Kills: 9-8
  • Turrets: 6-7
  • Gold: 67.8k-64.1k
  • Dragons: 4-2
  • Barons: 1-0


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