LCS Players To Watch In Spring Split 2024

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LCS Players To Watch In Spring Split 2024

Which players are you most excited to watch in this upcoming Spring Split?

The LCS 2024 Spring Split is just around the corner, Saturday, January 20, to be exact. And with this new season comes a new opportunity for players to leave their mark in LCS history. ESTNN is here to highlight some LCS players to watch out for this upcoming Spring Split. Whether they are a hotshot rookie looking to make a name for themselves or a veteran hoping to turn back the clock, we have you covered.

C9 jojopyun

It wouldn't be fair to start with any player other than the hottest commodity coming out of the 2024 free agency. Joseph Joon “Jojopyun” Pyun was the star signing made by Cloud9 during the offseason as they looked to reclaim their spot as the best team in North America. Despite being the best player in the league, there is an expectation for jojo to elevate himself and Cloud9 to new heights. Despite the turmoil surrounding the Evil Geniuses organization, jojopyun grew in strength as he redefined how he played the game and became more of a shot-caller for his team. Given the caliber of teammates he had at his disposal during the Summer Split, it was on Jojo to pull Evil Geniuses up the standings, within touching distance of a spot at the World Championship. And while Jojo will not have to do as much heavy lifting on Cloud9, the level he showcased in 2023 has to remain if he wants to be in future conversations for the greatest of all-time title.

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100T Sniper

Rayan “Sniper” Shoura will finally make his LCS debut this weekend when he takes on arguably the greatest LCS top laner of all time in Impact. Not that it phases Sniper, who referred to the veteran as “washed” in a recent interview with LCS content creator David Szajnuk. Sniper will have his work cut out for him, that is for sure, but the young star is already demonstrating the level of confidence needed to be a top star in the league. This move has been a long time coming for 100 Thieves and Sniper. The North American top laner was first picked up by 100 Thieves in 2021 at 14, which is unprecedented territory for an LCS organization.

The last time we saw Sniper play was at the start of 2023 during the NACL Spring Split. This is due to 100 Thieves pulling out of the tier two scene but retaining Sniper, who was bound to get his opportunity sooner rather than later. Where Sniper will need the most work is his laning phase, which ranked near the bottom in most statistics during the Spring Split, according to Oracle's Elixir. That being said, if you are good enough, you are old enough, and Sniper deserves his opportunity to grow into a star player, but the fans must be patient with him.

FLY Massu

The second NACL debutant on this list is Fahad “Massu” Abdulmalek. Unlike Sniper, relative expectations are being set on this young man's shoulders ahead of the 2024 Spring Split. Massu is one of the hottest prospects of NACL, and it was no surprise to see FlyQuest instantly promote Massu over another ADC. Despite FlyQuest Challengers' shortcomings in the playoffs, Massu during the regular season and in the playoffs. Massu shone the most during the laning phase, with the young rookie appearing near the top on most laning statistics. Massu isn't afraid to demand resources, as he has proven he can carry his team to victory when given the ball. During his time with Evil Geniuses, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma has showcased that he is more than happy to allow the young stars to flourish and will not put pressure on his shoulders to carry them.

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