LCS Match Of The Week Preview: Cloud9 vs FlyQuest

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LCS Match Of The Week Preview: Cloud9 vs FlyQuest

Will Cloud9 or FlyQuest come out on top in this highly anticipated LCS super week match?

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest headlines what is expected to be an exciting LCS Superweek. Week 3 of NA's premier league will kick off this Friday instead of its normal Saturday slot due to teams playing three games this week. It was also announced yesterday that the LCS will have a new start time of 1 PM PT. ESTNN is here to preview the biggest storylines heading into Cloud9 vs FlyQuest on day two of LCS Superweek.

Here are the two rosters that will be facing off in LCS Superweek:


  • Fudge
  • Blaber
  • Jojopyun
  • Berserker
  • Vulcan


  • Bwipo
  • Inspired
  • Jensen
  • Massu
  • Busio

Does Cloud9 Have An Answer To Udyr?

Udyr has been one of the premier picks not only in the LCS but across the world. Across the entire LCS, Udyr is the third most-picked champion at eight with six bans to his name, giving him a presence of 88%, according to Udyr also has the best win-loss record of any champion, with similar games played at 7-1, the most wins of any champion in the LCS. Teams have been unable to find an answer to Udyr, and Cloud9 was no different. In their game against bottom-of-the-league Shopify Rebellion, Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami opted into Aatrox. This did not go down so well as Fudge was consistently pushed back and was down in CS for most of the laning phase.

To make matters worse, Fudge would be going into a laner in Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau, who seems to have a stronger grasp on Udry considering how much he played the champion in Champions Queue and looked very strong with the pick in his opening match. Cloud9 should opt into banning Udyr if they do not have a comfortable pick prepared. A Jungler like Kacper “Inspired” Słoma would thrive off of the free space he would be given due to the pressure in the top lane.

Blaber vs Inspired: Who Will Win?

Although it is a team game, you would be lying if you said Blaber vs Inspired was not the most exciting individual matchup in Cloud9 vs FlyQuest. Blaber has continued his reign of terror over the LCS and is gunning for another MVP trophy. Blaber tops the league in kills (21), with the next highest being eXyu at 13. Blaber's playstyle and strong layers allow him to farm his way into relevance before taking over the game. Inspired, however, is an early-game ganker when he sees the opportunity. Inspired loves to scrap early, and when it goes well, his team is firmly in the lead because of it.

Although both Junglers are excellent in their way, it will likely come down to the laners. If Bwipo can isolate Fudge in the lane with a bad match-up, this gives Inspired much more agency with the Voidgrubs. Blaber has not always reacted well to playing from behind, often forcing plays because he feels the pressure his team is losing and will try to force Cloud9's way back into the game. Jojopyun should have a strong advantage in mid-lane despite Jensen looking rock solid. Jojopyun, according to Oracle's Elixir, has a creep score difference of twenty at ten minutes, double Jensens at 10. Cloud9's bottom lane has been rocky at times regarding their tower dives, but Berserker also ranks amongst the top in CSD with 21.8. This means Cloud9 has simply been stomping their opponents in lane, which could heavily swing the Jungle matchup in Blaber's favor.

Marn's Cloud9 vs FlyQuest Prediction

The top lane match worries me for Cloud9 if FlyQuest can get Udyr. The champion has only lost one time in the LCS this season, and Bwipo knows how to pilot the champion well. Cloud9 must avoid losing the top side early. In their game against Shopify, they lost all six Grubs quickly, which meant any future mistakes cost them a tower. Outside of that, I think in a stable game, Cloud9 should take it comfortably; Jojopyun and Berserker have been dominating their lanes with little attention. Inspired will have to be at the top of his game if he is going to see his side take down C9. Across the board, they have too many pieces for him to deal with. Providing C9 does not throw the game over a tower dive again, I think Cloud9 takes this comfortably.

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