LCS Changes Import Policy for 2020 Academy Rosters

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LCS Changes Import Policy for 2020 Academy Rosters

The LCS has announced changes to its import policy when it comes to upcoming 2020 LCS Academy rosters.

Throughout the 2019 Academy season, LCS teams were allowed to field one non-resident player on an active roster. During the 2020 season, the LCS will allow one additional slot for “emerging region” players. Those regions are:

  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Latin America
  • Oceania
  • Commonwealth of Independent States

This rule does not impact the LCS main rosters as stated in section 4.4 of the LCS Rule Set: “LCS and LACS Teams may not have more than two (2) non-resident Players playing in the Starting Roster at any time.”

The LCS hopes this policy change can see more rising talent in the LCS, without teams having to sacrifice a main roster spot to achieve it.

Worlds Results May Have Inspired Changes to LCS

The change comes ahead of the 2020 season after the LCS suffered a miserable fate at the 2019 World Championships in Europe. No LCS side made it out of groups, which led to a lot of fans and commentators in the region to call into question the state of the LCS.

While the LCS Academy has produced some great talent – with the likes of Licorice and Blaber at Cloud9 or Grig at TSM – the League has often relied upon import talent to drive rosters to success, with Huni, Svenskeren, Jensen and LCS legend Bjergsen all LCS staples that got their start in other regions.

LCS Changes Import Policy for 2020 Academy Rosters
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