LCS: C9 Trades Keith to GGS for Deftly

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LCS: C9 Trades Keith to GGS for Deftly

Earlier today, both Cloud9 (“C9”) and the Golden Guardians (“GGS”) announced through Twitter that Yuri “Keith” Jew will be joining GGS and Matthew “Deftly” Chen will join C9. Deftly is a familiar face in the LCS, as he's been a part of GGS from its start in 2018. Keith, on the other hand, has limited experience in the LCS. He played a handful of games back in the 2018 Summer Split when C9 experimented with roster changes.

Deftly was a consistent performer for GGS and an instrumental part of their team. This year, GGS has been on the upswing and is a definite playoff contender. On the other hand, Keith helped the C9 Academy roster take first place in the standings and was a major player for the team. This trade seemingly comes out of nowhere, as both teams found success with these players.

C9 is no stranger to roster swaps, so it's possible Deflty may share time on stage with Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi. If not though, his LCS experience will be a great boost for the C9 Academy team. For GGS this appears to be a risky move though, as Keith is unproven on the LCS stage. It is likely that Keith will be put on the Academy roster and GGS will move Ian Victor “FBI” Huang to the LCS starting position.

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In the end, this trade is an interesting one. It'll definitely be exciting to watch how these teams utilize their new players this weekend.

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