LCS: 100 Thieves Replace Huhi for Soligo

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LCS: 100 Thieves Replace Huhi for Soligo

100 Thieves announced Friday that they are starting Max “Soligo” Soong for their games this weekend. This means their main mid laner, Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun, will be sitting out this week as the team looks to rebound.

Huhi joined the team this year and most agreed he was a major improvement for the team. They looked like they were going to be a major contender in the preseason when him and Bae “Bang” Jun-sik were signed. But when 100 Thieves didn't live up to their superstar expectations, many fans called for something to change. Huhi was the most obvious choice, as he has struggled very hard this split.

Huhi Out, Soligo In

This move was hinted at by Huhi's appearance in 100T's academy games, but no confirmation was given until late Friday night. The team broke the news on their Twitter, and offered a better explanation for the move in their series, “The Heist.”

In the video Soligo says this move “came out of nowhere” for him and was unexpected. He is a versatile mid laner, playing the style his team needs. He is nervous, but ready for the opportunity and for what he will learn on stage. Soligo knows he has a lot riding on him, but from the video he is trying hard to make himself ready.

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Huhi, on the other hand, is taking the time to focus on improvement. He said playing on the academy team was a “refreshment” for him and its makes him remember when he started playing. He was adamant about only looking forward to better himself.

Coach Neil “Pr0lly” Hammad assured fans that Huhi wasn't at risk of losing his spot on the team. He continued on to say that he has two distinct strengths he will bring to the team. The first is his emotional support, meaning he has the ability to pick his team up when they're down. This can be crucial for the struggling roster. Secondly, Soligo is very vocal and communicative. Though a newer player, his insights could prove valuable.

100 Thieves are currently 4-8 in the standings and face off against TSM and C9 this weekend. The roster will certainly have their work cut out for them against two of the strongest teams in the league. Though it is still possible to secure a spot in playoffs, they'll have to win every game to make it so. Soligo will hopefully be just what the Thieves need to reignite their roster and live up to their preseason expectations.

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