Last Epoch Updates – Hotfixes and Patch Notes

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Last Epoch Updates – Hotfixes and Patch Notes

The latest Last Epoch Updates are here and updated daily.

The latest round of fixes for Last Epoch is out and includes several major fixes for some of the most pressing issues. We'll update all the latest information daily, be that hotfixes or patches.

This article is updated daily:

Last Epoch Updates Hotfixes

25th February

  • Fix for the party play LE-61 issues
  • Fix for stuck at the character select screen

24th February

  • New infrastructure to handle increased traffic. This will result in some services becoming temporarily unavailable (should now be sok)

Bug Fixes

  • Added failsafe when skipping speaking to Keeper Balthas, the quest does not work in the next area
  • Added failsafe for if you leave after the Drake event but before speaking with the Keeper Guard.
  • Fixed a bug where Gathering Storm’s Rending Vortex did not affect Storm Bolt
  • Fixed a bug where Healing Hands Skyfall was not working in online
  • Fixed extra idols and set pieces from CoF rank rewards not being tagged as CoF items
  • Fixed bug where no matter what the player has equipped in their weapon slot, the text in the “my stall” section of the bazaar always reads as “equipped two-handed sword” regardless of what the player actually has equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Flurry was aiming upwards if you were standing extremely close to the enemy
  • Fixed a bug where abilities cast indirectly by Surge’s skill tree did not require positive mana to trigger
  • Fixed bug when returning to character select, the echo loading UI would break and stay broken for the remainder of the session
  • Fixed bug where the monolith transition VFX/SFX was played when entering the game offline.
  • Fixed a bug where Avian Arsenal did not work when Falconer’s Mark was consumed by a spell, bow, or throwing ability
  • Removed gate that was preventing movement from The Fractured Drain to The Barren Aqueduct
  • Fixed bug where Glacial Path Portal was missing
  • Fixed timing of Drake sequence where voice lines were playing over top of each other
  • Fixed an issue where the player could see the Drake model appear in an inactive state just before the sequence starts
  • Fixed bug where “sure you have questions” line from Balthus would not play just before the bridge on the players’ first play through the scene
  • Texture Fixes:
    • Black Wolf
    • Scalebane Leader
    • Soul Warden Sarcophagus closing
    • Haruspex Orian Model
    • Temple Guardian
    • Temple Guardian Mace
    • Bug Textures
    • Soul Bastion Icon
    • Torment Wheel Layer Correction
    • Uma NPC
    • Enemy Texture adjustments
    • Sentinel T15 armor set
  • Fixed bug were Bow item Prophecies were resulting in no items dropping
  • Fixed an issue where there were no prophecies when first interacting with telescope
  • Fixed a bug where Artem can fail some part of the quest return interaction process and drop his item while not completing the quest.
  • Fixed a bug where keys could be removed during dungeon run starting.
  • Fixed a bug where a random wall was being shown in The Lotus Halls
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  • Increased Online Character Slots to 25
  • Advent of the Erased’s ward gained when you gain or refresh Haste now has a 1 second cooldown (previously none), but now gives 30-60 ward (from 15-35)
  • Optimized shadows in Last Refuge Outskirts, The Ruins of Welryn, and The Summit
  • Disabled refer a friend in social panel (for more information – See An Update to the Refer A Friend Program)
  • Made adjustments to the Emperor of Corpses’ collision to make it easier for melee to get near it and to hit it with melee attacks
  • Updated logs to show death logs on client

23rd February

Last Epoch 1.0.0d Patch Notes

Today's developer notes include plans to increase stability and address slowed services from increased load times. This will also look at log-in issues:

  • Backend update that will reduce stress on servers
  • Update that should assist in login queue throughput for people logging into US Central servers

22nd February

  • Refer a Friend system has been temporarily disabled. All players will be gifted the three Bee Pets and Autumnal Wrap Cape by March 1st

21st February

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t create a character after clicking through the cycle character explanation


  • Enabled in-game System Alert messages

Last Epoch Patch 1.0 Overview

Last Epoch Updates – Hotfixes and Patch Notes
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