kt Rolster vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 4

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kt Rolster vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 4

kt Rolster vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 4.

The 1-1 side of the Swiss Bracket has thrown up a few interesting problems for the sides. Now, with KT vs WBG, we find the LCK 3rd seed coming up against the LPL 4th seed. Defeat doesn't quite send them home if they lose, but it puts either side in a scary situation. Win, and you get a two-game buffer to secure your spot at the next stage of Worlds.

kt Rolster vs WeiboGaming Recap

KT vs WBG Draft day 4

A huge first blood for WBG, but unfortunately for them they handed the kill right back over to KT, who also gained huge mid-lane pressure. Bad to worse for WBG, as KT claimed yet another kill as TheShy is snipped in the top side. KT continued to pick up kills on the bot side of the map, as Bdd pulled off a great ultimate to set up a fantastic bait. KT just don't stop, as they continue to dominate the Rift, a 5 vs 5 fight goes their way once again, as KT pulled ahead with a 3k lead with just 13 minutes on the clock.

The game calmed down a little after the frantic opening, but KT were still way ahead, with WBG needing to find something big if they wanted to get back into the game. KT once again forced a fight on the top side, and while it was between two WBG towers, it was KT that once again came out on top. Taking down two towers on the top side and moving to a 7k lead. But just like that, KT pushed again for a play on the top side, but this time they bit off more than they could chew. Losing the fight 2-for-3, WBG had found a way back for now, as they looked to control the map around Baron. Despite that, with 24 minutes on the clock, KT are still well ahead, with Baron now the next major objective.

LoL Devs Target Turrets to Curb Lane Swaps

Before Baron, KT moved onto Soul Point, with Mountain in play. KT are the ones to start up on the Baron, but with WBG still near the fight is halted. KT started it back up, and as WBG tried to get involved, they lost their jungle handing the Baron over to KT. The after-Baron fight saw WBG chase down members of KT, and while it was messy, WBG probably came out on top, leaving just one member of KT with Baron. WBG secured the next Drake, slowing the Soul Drake for at least the next 4 minutes.

The next Baron is another opportunity of WBG to get back into the fight, but it was KT once again who claimed a 4-for-1 fight, leaving the Baron and Soul Drake wide open. But, WBG are quick to get back onto the Rift, holding off the Drake, but it came at the cost of them giving up the rest of the game. KT charged down the bot lane, and with Baron on their back they looked to end the game.

Teams: KT – WBG
Time: 38:37
Kills: 23-11
Turrets: 9-0
Gold: 76.4k – 61.9k
Dragons: 3-3
Barons: 2-0
kt Rolster vs WeiboGaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 4
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