Palworld Known Bugs and Error Codes

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Palworld Known Bugs and Error Codes

This article dives into the known bugs and error codes found in the new game Palworld so far and how you may resolve them

Palworld is making its name in the gaming universe, offering an immersive experience that blends adventure, creature collection, and survival in a fantastically detailed world. While Palworld is on a high, it is not without its share of technical hiccups. This article aims to discuss the known bugs and errors in Palworld with possible fixes and insights from the devs.

Palworld Known Bugs and Error Codes in Palworld

The following bugs and error codes have been reported by the community of Palworld. The development team from Pocketpair is working to find conclusive solutions to the problem, while some players have found their own ways of fixes.

Not Found Session 91

If this error pops up when you are trying to join a server, there may be two reasons. Either the server does not exist (might be deleted) or the multiplayer option for the server is turned off. It could also happen if your internet connection is failing, making the game believe the server does not exist. 

To fix this code, first check if your internet connection is okay and reset your network to be sure. If it is okay and the error still appears, you have to approach the host of the server and ask them to check the properties of that particular server world.

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Palworld Memory Reset Drug Bug

Known Bugs and Error Codes in Palworld

The Memory Reset Drug is an item that is meant to reset the skill points that a player acquires while leveling up. However, the bug has reduced players’ capture power, permanently hurting their gameplay and further progress.

The team is now working to fix this bug. Meanwhile, players are advised to not use this item until the problem is resolved as the repercussions may be irreversible. 

Palworld Black Screen on Launch

Known Bugs and Error Codes in Palworld

Players have reported that the game application goes on a black screen after launch. The Pocketpair team has suggested waiting for 10 minutes, on their official discord server. We delve more into this error and how you may fix it without much inconvenience in this article.

Failed to Host Multiplayer Session

This bug may happen when you are trying to create an online room during peak hours. This is because the game has yet to handle the overloaded rush of players. The devs have confirmed this on Twitter saying, “.. our server provider is reporting that due to the large amount of concurrent players, the servers have become unstable and you may be experiencing issues connecting to servers.”

While there is no clear fix for this as of yet, you can try to host multiple times or restart your game entirely. Or manage time to play when there may be less number of players, for example, very early morning.

OnCreateSession Complete Delegate bWasSuccessful == false

Known Bugs and Error Codes in Palworld

This bug is faced by PC players mostly when they are trying to rejoin their created world. Again, the reason behind this seems to be the overloaded servers. A Pocketpair manager in the official discord has confirmed it to be congestion in the login system.

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From the World Select menu, choose the particular world and turn Multiplayer off in the Change World Settings. This should solve the problem, or you can try a number of times. Eventually, the error should not pop up and you will be able to go through.

UE Pal – Exception Access Violation Crash

This is an error summary that players receive when the game has crashed. While this can happen after continuous hours of playing, some players have reported it to happen even in a few minutes.

Restarting the game is the most typical solution to this but if it keeps happening to you, we recommend that you verify your game files. In your Steam library, right-click on Palworld, then navigate to Properties > Local Files, and select the option “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” Make sure no conflicting applications or processes are running in the background.

Losing Guild Saved Files

There seems to be a bug that causes saved files to not be accessed. This is making players lose a ton of progress as well as precious Pals. The dev team has yet to acknowledge this bug in detail and offer fixes. Players are encouraged to help each other to reclaim any lost progress.

As the game has just been released, bugs and error codes are common occurrences. Do not let it discourage you as the Pocketpair team seems to be working diligently to fix these problems as they are maintaining good communication with the community through Discord. Check out more Palworld news and guides such as Palworld Breaking Records, Best Pals for Each Work and Best XP Farm Guide. Keep an eye on ESTNN!

Palworld Known Bugs and Error Codes
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