Kayn Counters League of Legends

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Kayn Counters League of Legends

Do you need help playing against Kayn in League of Legends? Don't worry—here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Kayn is one of the cooler champions to play in League of Legends because of his unique kit, which allows him to transform into one of two forms. Both forms function slightly differently in terms of their abilities and one does considerably more damage than the other. On top of that, Kayn features in the popular Heartsteel skin line, a music band that performed at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. The question is, how do you stop Kayn on Summoners Rift? This article explores the three best counters to Kayn in League of Legends right now.

Best Kayn Counters in LoL


Ruined Shyvana

Shyvana is starting to see more game time in League of Legends at the moment and she is one of the best counters to Kayn on the current patch. One both champions reach level 6, Shyvana does pretty well into Kayn. With Shyvana building towards more AP, she is able to burst down champions quite easily when she is in her dragon form. The key for Shyvana players in this match up is to track the enemy Kayn and counter jungle him and to counter-gank at any given opportunity. Kayn cannot transform quickly if he has not done enough in the early game through ganking. This is where you will need to coordinate with your team to get good wards down to track where Kayn could be ganking next.

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Poppy is an amazing counter into Kayn and is one of the few champions that can skirmish with him in the early game. The goal of Kayn is to be as active on the map as possible. This is where Poppy can be a disruptor. Her W blocks dashes and any other form of movement when activated, this means Kayn is unable to use his dash to get on top of Poppy if they were to meet up in the Jungle. On top of that, Poppy can stun Kayn into the wall the second he comes out of the terrain. If you have an ally nearby, Kayn is as good as dead. Also, Poppys ultimate is a great zoning ability for neutral objectives, she will be able to knock Kayn away from the Baron or Dragon pit and secure the objective without too much difficulty.

Master Yi

Master Yi is an amazing early game Jungler and has the advantage over Kayn early. Although Kayn can walk through walls, Master Yi can follow him over if the Yi times his Q correctly, this will mean Yi will come through the other side once Kayn has to leave the terrain. Yi is also just a very powerful early game champion and has enough in the arsenal to deal damage. On top of that, Yi’s healing ability, which is his W, is enough to force the enemy jungler to burn cooldowns while he is tanking it with his heal. His passive also deals extra damage, which catches a lot of players off guard. Yi also has a clear that can match Kayn’s and when both are level 6, Yi has the advantage if both champions are healthy.

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Worst Champion To Pick Into Kayn In League of Legends

Sejuani is statistically the worst champion to play into Kayn in League of Legends according to Mobalytics. Kayn players are recommended to go towards Rhaast this game, as Sejuani will become too tanky for you to kill in a straight-up one-versus-one because of the armor Sejuani gets from her passive. The key in this match-up is to get ahead through ganking because invading Sejuani early into the game will be difficult for Kayn with low damage and HP. Kayn is one of those junglers who relies on ganking to be useful later in the game. Kayn should be able to match Sejuanis pace so be sure to constantly gank free lanes.

Best Kayn Duos League of Legends

According to Mobalytics, here are the best champions to play with Kayn in League of Legends on patch 14.8. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Seraphine
  • Kog’Maw
  • Twitch

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