Kassadin Counters League of Legends

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Kassadin Counters League of Legends

Do you need help laning against Kassadin in League of Legends? Don't worry—here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Kassadin is one of the oldest champions in the history of League of Legends. He is the ultimate late-game scaling champion, with his power spike being level 16, which is when he turns into an unkillable machine. Although he has had some minor tweaks, he is one of the few champions left in the game that still has hit kit from the early days of League of Legends. The question is, how do you stop Kassadin in League of Legends? This article will bring you the three best Kassadin counters in League of Legends on the current patch.

Best Kassadin Counters in LoL


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Although he is considered more of a niche pick in League of Legends, Zed is one of the best counters to Kassadin on patch 14.8 right now. In the 1v1 match-up, Zed has a 51% win rate according to Mobalytics. Kassadin has a very weak early game and this is where Zed players can punish him. Running ignite in this match-up will make Kassadin players very scared to go up for trades in the lane because they run the risk of being killed early, which puts them on the back foot for the rest of the laning phase. For Zed, wait until Kassadin has used his first ultimate, this will then put it on a small cooldown period. This is where Zed should look to all in because during that period Kassadin is vulnerable and will not be able to escape.

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Tristana is another great counter to Kassadin in League of Legends. Trist punishes Kassadins’ lack of wave clear, so Trist will have no problem securing early turret plates for herself. Once Trist has her E up, look to use it as much as possible, you will be able to do a lot of damage to Kassadin and you will have the range advantage on him. Because you will be able to get resets through your E and W, you will be able to burst him down early, potentially before level six if you run ignite. You will set yourself up in a great spot to match his scaling later in the game as you will be able to take down turrets and objectives well. If the game reaches the point where Kassadin is strong, try not to match him in the side lane if your ultimate or flash is down, his ultimate should be enough to chase you down if you have either of those missing.


Talon is another solid counter-pick into Kassadin in League of Legends. The key to this match-up is to manage your wave and look for a level 2 kill. Kassadin is one of the weaker champions in the early game and will not output much damage in the first few levels. This is where you should be looking to get a kill with ignite. Kassadin will not have a way of trading with you in the first couple of levels, so even if you do not get a kill, you can zone him off the wave. If you can freeze it near your tower, he is essentially out of the lane and will need to call the jungler to help him.

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Worst Champion To Pick Into Kassadin In League of Legends

Azir is one of the worst champions to play into Kassadin in League of Legends. Although Azir is naturally a safer pick in most matchups, he has difficulty dealing with Kassadin. Azir in the early game may have the advantage due to his soldiers, which will allow him to poke you from a considerable distance. Kassadin players have to play the waiting game, they are not going to turn into a 1v9 monster early on. So be patient and wait for your ultimate to come online. Having level six will allow you to dodge through his soldiers and also his ultimate.

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According to Mobalytics, here are the best champions to play with Kassadin in League of Legends on patch 14.8. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Brand
  • Gwen
  • Fiddlesticks

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