Karmine Corp 2024 LEC Preview

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Karmine Corp 2024 LEC  Preview

Karmine Corp is the newest team of the LEC, but how will the French org’s roster fare against the best of the best in the EMEA region?

It’s the new year, which means that you have to keep all your new year’s resolutions. If you vowed to watch as much professional League of Legends this year as you can, then you’re in luck, as the LEC is starting this Saturday on January 13th!

However, only 8 of last year’s 10 teams return: KOI left the LEC after dissolving their partnership with Rogue, who returned to their old brand, while Astralis also exited. The Danish organisation’s spot was bought by Karmine Corp, one of the most popular European LoL teams. KC tried to join the LEC last year, but they couldn’t reach an agreement with Riot Games – but 2024 might be their year.

Karmine Corp in 2023

Even though KC wasn’t a part of the LEC last year, the org has a rich history that’s worth a look. Since the inception of the team in 2020, they became one of the strongest squads in the French ERL, the LFL, as well as the EMEA region. While Karmine Corp only won the LFL 2 times, they have 4 EMEA Masters trophies under their belts, which is the most out of any team.

Karmine Corp LEC 2024 Preview Upset

They are also the only organization to win the event multiple times – basically, they are the T1 of the European 2nd Division. They also fielded some legendary players such as Cabochard and Rekkles, as well as nurturing up and coming talnet like Adam, 113, Saken and Targamas. No wonder they wanted to join the LEC, and finally, we can see them in the big leagues!

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Karmine Corp 2024 Roster

  • Top: Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet
  • Jungle: Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo
  • Mid: Lucas “Saken” Fayard
  • ADC: Elias “Upset” Lipp
  • Support: Raphael “Targamas” Crabbé

Two Legends Return

The two biggest names in this squad are Cabochard and Upset. Cabo was the toplaner of Gambit Gaming when the org won the IEM Season 9 Cologne, which was as big as Worlds back then. He played for Gambit and Team Vitality in the EU LCS, making it to Worlds back in 2018. He left the LEC to destroy the opposition in the LFL and EMEA Masters after the 2020 season, but comes back to lead the rookies in the new era. He won the 2023 Summer LFL and EMEA Masters back to back – it’s high time he returned.

Karmine Corp LEC 2024 Preview Cabochard

In the botlane, Karmine Corp signed a bit of a controversial piece. German ADC Upset has been hailed as one of the best carries of Europe in terms of mechanics, but he pulled an interesting stunt at Worlds 2021, when he didn’t participate with Fnatic due to personal reasons. He couldn’t erase the mistakes of the past in 2022, when Fnatic didn’t get out of the Group Stage, then had the weakest year of his LEC career with Vitality – perhaps another French org will be the answer?

A Second Chance for Bo and Targamas?

Chinese jungler Bo received incredible hype when he joined the LEC back in 2022. While he didn’t play for Vitality until 2023 due to language reasons, he was hailed as the potential best jungler in the league. While he had great showings in the Winter and Spring seasons, VIT struggled last year, failing to utilize most of their assets. They didn’t let Bo play his signature style, then benched him. Hopefully Karmine Corp can use him better as a spear instead of… well, nothing really.

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Karmine Corp LEC 2024 Preview Bo


Targamas is also returning to the LEC. The Belgian support made a splash in 2022 playing for G2 Esports after they won the Spring Split and finished in the top 4 of the MSI, but after failing to perform at Worlds, he and his botlane partner Flakked were let go. After a horrible Winter Split with Excel Esports, he returned to the ERL’s, redeeming himself among the ranks of Karmine Corp, where he and Caliste only bagged wins. While his trusty partner won’t be with him, Upset should be more than capable of working with Targamas.

Karmine Corp LEC 2024 Preview Targamas

The Rookie Centrepiece

The only semi-rookie of the team will be Saken, who played for Vitality in the 2019 and 2020 Spring Splits – although only as a sub. This time, he will be the starter for Karmine Corp, being the swiss army knife the squad needs to succeed.

Karmine Corp 2024 Predictions

Overall, Karmine Corp put together a very strong team even for LEC standards. Bo should be comfortable playing with consistent solo laners like Cabo and Saken who can also work with him, supporting him in his skirmishes. The mid and toplaner of KC also have huge champion pools, and while they have preferred styles, they can always surprise their opponents – just think of Cabo’s Lee Sin Tops. The only question is how well Upset and Targamas can play together, but they are both capable players, so there shouldn’t be huge issues. Saying that Karmine Corp will be a strong mid-tier team is a safe bet, but they can aim even higher!

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Karmine Corp 2024 LEC  Preview
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