Karmine Corp Acquires Astralis’ Spot in the LEC

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Karmine Corp Acquires Astralis’ Spot in the LEC

One of the most popular esports orgs in Europe will be the latest addition to the premier European League of Legends competition.

In a groundbreaking announcement that has captivated the European gaming community, Karmine Corp, the reigning champions of the 2023 EMEA Masters Summer, has officially acquired the coveted LEC spot of Astralis. This strategic move signifies a monumental shift in the landscape of the League of Legends (LoL) European Championship, as Karmine Corp gears up to make its grand entrance onto the Berlin stage at the beginning of the 2024 LEC Winter Split.

Karmine Corp has been a rising star in LoL Esports

Hailing from the robust League of Legends French ecosystem, Karmine Corp has etched its name in the annals of esports history, securing two LFL titles and an impressive tally of four EMEA Masters trophies since its induction into the scene in 2021. This exceptional track record has solidified Karmine Corp's status as one of the most distinguished and celebrated organizations within the EMEA Masters sphere.

The French powerhouse has garnered an unwavering and passionate fan base, a fact that was underscored during the recent 2023 LEC Season Finals in Montpellier, where the resounding support from the French crowd was nothing short of awe-inspiring. With the imminent integration of Karmine Corp into the LEC, the league eagerly anticipates an electrifying surge in energy and enthusiasm, as the team's devoted followers bring their fervor to the global stage.

As Karmine Corp prepares to make its mark in the LEC, the community bids farewell to Astralis, a team that has left an indelible mark during its three-year tenure in the league. Expressing best wishes for the future endeavors of Astralis and its players, Maximilian Peter Schmidt, the Director of League of Legends Esports EMEA at Riot Games, emphasized the trust in Karmine Corp's capabilities to fill the void left by Astralis.

Addressing the transition process, Schmidt stated, “Astralis has been a valued partner to us throughout its time in the LEC, and we wish the organization the very best with its future endeavors. But we know its spot will be in capable hands with Karmine Corp. LEC fans have wanted to see the team in the league for some time now, which is in part, due to the incredible strength of the organization's brand and its loyal and passionate fan base, something that has been showcased since its entry into the EMEA Masters ecosystem.”

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Karmine Corp Acquires Astralis’ Spot in the LEC
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