Kai Cenat Is Taking on the Entire Souls Franchise

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Kai Cenat Is Taking on the Entire Souls Franchise

After his Elden Ring marathon made waves, Kai Cenat is coming back for the full Souls experience.

Kai Cenat is reportedly planning to play the entire Dark Souls franchise, including Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Cenat's upcoming games were posted by the verified updates page on X (formerly Twitter), detailing his future schedule.

Looking forward to Kai's next rage-filled marathon? Check out his Souls games schedule here!

Kai Cenat Is Taking on the Entire Souls Franchise

Kai Cenat broke records during his Elden Ring marathon. The streamer is among the most-watched creators on Twitch, and is known for his over-the-top antics and booming charisma.

His past game marathons came with redesigned streaming rooms, costumes, cameos and other hyped additions. But the longest one of them all proved to be with FROMSOFTWARE's magnum opus: Elden Ring.

The open-world Souls-like won universal acclaim after its early launch in 2022. Innovative game design, a tantalizing story and extremely rewarding boss fights earned it a cult following, winning over Spiderman 2 and God of War Ragnarok for Game of the Year.

Kai's journey through The Lands Between was as arduous as its start when the streamer brute forced his way into killing the very first optional boss at level one. The effort took him more than 5 hours, and set expectations for more heart-pounding moments.

Needless to say, clips of his playthrough immediately went viral. Especially the Malenia fight.

More Dark Souls

Everything was said and done, Kai expressed his satisfaction with the game, calling Elden Ring “cinema”. And it seems Kai isn't done with the franchise quite yet.

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@Kaimafiaupdates posted the full list of games Kai Cenat has lined up for future marathons. While it lacked any confirmed dates, here's everything he listed:
  1. Elden Ring, Shadow of The Erdtree
  2. Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice
  3. Bully (Mid-marathon break)
  4. Bloodborne
  5. Dark Souls 1
  6. Dark Souls 2
  7. Dark Souls 3

Given the DLC's release date, the marathon series won't be starting until June 21, 2024 at the earliest. Given the intensity and the endurance needed to finish even one of these games, Kai fans can look forward to a lot of content in the coming months.

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