Jinnytty Surpasses Pokimane To Become Second Most-watched Female Streamer

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Jinnytty Surpasses Pokimane To Become Second Most-watched Female Streamer

Korean IRL streamer Jinnytty has surpassed popular streamers Pokimane, fuslie and Ironmouse to become the second most-watched female streamer on Twitch.

According to statistics from Streamscharts, Jinnytty has dethroned Pokimane and Ironmouse, who have held the top-three spot for long, with a massive increase in her channel's total watch hours. With a total watch time of 3.2 million hours, the 29-year-old streamer amassed a stark increase of 54% in the month of June, thanks to her streams that consist of traveling to many places across the world.

Hot Tub streamer Amouranth, however, remains at the top spot, generating almost double the watch hours than both of her competitors, Pokimane and Jinnytty. Pokimane, recorded a -6% decrease in her total watch hour count, allowing Jinnytty to take her place at the most-watched female streamers leaderboard. Ironmouse maintained her title of Twitch's most popular Vtuber, with a total watch hour count of 1.10 million hours. 

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The data, gathered from Stream Charts, list the top 5 most-viewed female streamers in the month of June 2022.

Amouranth: 3.76 million watch hours

Jinnytty: 1.65 million watch hours

Pokimane: 1.54 million watch hours

Saddummy: 1.52 million watch hours

Fusile: 1.25 million hours watch hours watched

Jinnytty has toured all across Europe in her streams during the entirety of June, and her watch hour count proves that people are enjoying her travel streams that consist of the streamer traveling across France, Spain, and many other cities. Her interactions with strangers in different countries and cities have generated a lot of buzz over the last couple of months and are very entertaining according to viewers on Twitch.The 29-year-old's live-streamed hours fell roughly 47 hours behind top-dog ASMR streamer, Amouranth. On the other hand, Pokimane's airtime was just 76 hours, yet her massive fan-following that upped her watch hours made her the third most-watched female streamer on Twitch.

It, however, remains to be seen whether Jinnytty will be able to hold her spot or will be overtaken by other streamers, as June remains her most successful month. Amouranth, however, remains undefeated in terms of live-streamed hours, watch hours and view count.

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