JDG vs KT Rolster Preview and Predictions – Worlds 2023

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JDG vs KT Rolster Preview and Predictions – Worlds 2023

JDG vs KT takes on Worlds 2023, will JDG continue their golden journey, or will KT overcome another Eastern squad as.

In arguably the biggest matchup of the quarter-finals, the 2023 Mid-season Invitational champions JDG will battle against KT Rolster. For JDG, the LPL squad is looking to be the first team in League of Legends history to complete the golden road – the golden road is the path of a team that wins both domestic splits, along with both international titles in MSI and Worlds. For KT Rolster, they have faced adversity at every corner thus far with the LCK third seed only facing Eastern teams so far at the World Championship.

JDG vs KT Rolster Preview:


JDG vs KT Preview
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

The tournament favorites JDG wasted no time qualifying for the quarter-finals with a quick 3-0 in the Swiss Stage, defeating BDS and fellow LPL squads BLG and LNG respectively. And while normally a favorite from the LPL falters every year, JDG is in championship form and is poised to be the first team to complete the golden road. The question for KT to figure out is how they are going to contain Ruler when the late-game team fights come into player. As always, Ruler has been fantastic, one of the best players at the tournament thus far. In the five games Ruler played, he only died six times, this includes matches against their fellow counterparts BLG and LNG, with the latter being a three-game best-of-three.

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JDG Roster:

  • Bai “369” Jia-Hao
  • Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok
  • Zhuo “knight”  Ding
  • Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk
  • Lou “MISSING” Yun-Feng

KT Rolster:

KT Rolster competing at Worlds 2023
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

KT Rolster has arguably had the toughest route to the quarter-finals of any team at the World Championship. The South Korean squad has only faced teams from the LCK and the LPL, while teams such as T1 have faced more than one Western team en route to the same destination. That is just the nature of the Swiss format, some teams will have fortunate draws, while others will be fighting for their lives in every game. There is no free win on the international stage, but that doesn’t mean KT was not hoping for an easier route. Although the saying goes, to be the best you have to beat the best.

KT Rolster Roster:

  • Kim “Kiin” Gi-in
  • Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan
  • Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong
  • Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram
  • Son “Lehends” Si-woo

JDG vs KT Rolster Prediction:

It is going to be a close series either way, KT Rolster has built up their resilience from their strength of schedule, but unfortunately for the KT faithful, this is where the excitement will end. This is arguably the strongest claim to the golden road yet, with very little standing in the way of Ruler strengthening his case as one of the greatest of all time, on his way to his second World Championship. For KT, they are going to have to blow JDG out of the water in the early game, as showcased during the Swiss stage, teams can get at this squad, but what makes them the undisputed favorites to lift the Summoners Cup is their inevitability when it comes to team fighting. JDG 3-1.

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Where to watch JDG vs KT Rolster?

Fans eager to watch this epic showdown can do so at 01:00 AM PST. Follow the action at lolesports.com, the LoL Esports YouTube channel and the Riot Games Twitch channel.

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