JDG vs Bilibili Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

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JDG vs Bilibili Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

JDG vs Bilibili Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1.

The battle of the LPL, while it's not the best day so far for the region, the two 1-0 LPL sides now go head-to-head. JDG are by far the favourites, through BLG are not slouches. Regional pride is for sure at play, but crucially it does all but secure one LPL team progresses from this phase early on. While the losing side moves to 1-1, no one will want to face either of these two sides.

JDG vs Bilibili Gaming Recap

While no kills early, JDG picked up the first Drake as they looked to assert a level of dominance on the Rift. It was JDG who claimed first blood, as the bottom lane saw a huge early team fight. BLG secured one kill back, however, JDG secured three kills for themselves as their early dominance paid off. JDG are relentless in their assault of BLG, almost like they've beaten them a few times before… but BLG looked out of ideas already, as the JDG early game draft does its job.

With 5 minutes to go before we even see the Baron, JDG had 2 Drakes, with a third spawning on the Rift. JDG secured it, despite BLG trying their best to delay it. BLG forced a desperate fight, and while they got the early lead, it was another huge win for JDG. They moved to a 5k gold lead, and it might be GG already. Baron isn't even on the Rift yet, but BLG had minions knocking at their door already. JDG are just a minute away from a potential fourth Drake as they looked to snowball their early game lead. BLG almost looked to have found a pick and a way back into the game, but with Kanavi being so far ahead on the J4, JDG turned it around and won yet another fight. As Baron spawned behind them, JDG moved to a near 10k lead. JDG secured it, and even BLG might be too far behind to come back from this.

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Hextech Soul secured, and BLG are about as good as the minions in their base; JDG cannot be stopped as they march their way into the BLG base. With two inhibitors down, and Baron still on them, they started to knock down the Nexus turrets. BLG tried their hardest but it meant nothing. JDG stormed into the base, took down the Nexus and secured, what was in the end, a pretty easy victory.

Quick Stats:

Teams: JDG – BLG

Time: 24:#5

Kills: 19-7

Turrets: 10-1

Gold: 52.1k – 39.9k

Dragons: 4-0

Barons: 1-0

JDG vs Bilibili Gaming Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2
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