JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 3

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JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 3

JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 3.

The first of the 2-0 Swiss Stage games, sees JDG take on LNG. The prize for the winner is a spot at the next stage of Worlds proper, the loser, will have to take on at least one more series before they can advance. LNG vs JDG is another regional final rematch, will JDG come out ahead again, or can LNG bring it back and regain their regional pride? Check below for our recap of this first BO3 series of Worlds 2023.

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JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap

JDG vs LNG Recap – Game 1

JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 3

No early kills, but JDG had managed to pull away slightly with a 1k gold lead thanks to an early plate in the bot lane. LNG did, however, secure the first Drake, as they built a late-game win condition. Rift Herald is where we saw our first fight, after LNG lost their leash on the buff, JDG took the chance to take it. With the Rift Herald nearly dead, LNG snuck in to secure it, but it was JDG that claimed the first blood.

The fight was a straight 4 vs 4 in the river, and while JDG came out on top in that fight, LNG won the bot lane 1 vs 1. Sadly for LNG, while they did take the Rift Herald, they failed to actually claim the buff. After all that chaos, JDG had extended their lead to 2.5k by 12 minutes, as they looked to assert control.

By 20 minutes, Baron was on the Rift, and JDG still maintained their roughly 2k gold lead. With everything still to play for, LNG crucially had secured the 3 Drakes on the board thus far. Before that, however, Drake 4 is the play that both sides are setting up for, and it was LNG looking to secure the map pressure, but JDG looked like they might have been planning to force a Baron first. While LNG had a sneaky ward in the pit, JDG managed to secure it, and as LNG forced their way into the pit it was JDG that secured the fight win.

With just one member escaping, JDG took the fourth Drake, while pushing into the LNG base. LNG is forced to defend their base, but they don't have enough to do it. With 369 going unstoppable, JDG estimated the LNG base and secured a huge Game 1 victory in this first BO3 of the day.

Quick Stats:

Teams: JDG – LNG
Time: 27:35
Kills: 15-7
Turrets: 8-3
Gold: 55.3k – 45.5k
Dragons: 1-3
Barons: 1-0

JDG vs LNG Recap – Game 2

JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 3

There is a lot to do for LNG in game 2 if they want to secure a clean 3-0 in the Swiss Stage. Game 2, at least early looks to be heading LNG's way, as they secure the same early lead that JDG did in game one. As the game moved into the 10-minute mark, LNG remained 1k ahead without a kill on the board. Though, as in game one, LNG had secured the first Drake, and unlike in Game 1 they'd secured two players early. The second Drake was secured for LNG, though a Chemtech Drake was not the Soul Drake they'd have wanted to see.

First blood is secured for LNG, though it came at the cost of them losing the Rift Herald (which wasn't picked up by JDG). The lead is 2.5k for LNG with 17 minutes on the clock. JDG looked to wait for their moment to get into the game, and they sort of managed to do it in a mid-lane fight at 19 minutes, but LNG came away with a 3-for-2 kill win. The fight also handed over the third Drake to LNG, gifting them Soul Point.

It was the calm before the inevitable end-game storm here as the clock struck 24 minutes, the Soul Drake was about to spawn, and JDG were looking to force. JDG secured the Drake, denying the Soul for now, but LNG won the fight, and with it possibly Game 2. The ace is secured for LNG, who lose no one in return. LNG claimed a free Baron, and they pushed in the lanes into the JDG base. With Baron-empowered minions charging into the base, JDG couldn't stop the rot, as LNG sieged the base. The victory was secured for LNG and we go into the inevitable Game 3.

Teams: LNG – JDG
Time: 28:26
Turrets: 8-0
Gold: 57.3k – 44.3k
Dragons: 3-1
Barons: 1-0

JDG vs LNG Recap – Game 3

JDG vs LNG Draft 3

Here it is, Game 3, the decider of this epic series. Much like Game 2, we had a slow start in Game 3, with so much on the line. LNG forced a dive on the bot lane and it paid off in a huge way as they secured two early kills. Chaos around the lower river, and while LNG overstepped, they managed to get the fight back to a 2-for-2, though it helped even out the gold for JDG. As we hit 16 minutes, just 500 gold separated the two sides, though a Rift Herald pickup from LNG helped to turn the game in their favour.

We got our first 5 vs 5 at the Drake, and for all their early effort, LNG couldn't make it work for them as JDG walked away with two clean kills and a Drake. Having been so close, LNG just cannot keep up with what JDG are putting out. A game that was so close, has suddenly become so one-sided. JDG secured the Baron, and stopped a sneaky Drake attempt by LNG. With Baron on JDG, LNG almost found a way back by picking up a kill as they defended their base, but no, JDG were too strong in the end and they secured the win. With that, JDG is the first team to qualify for the main event, while LNG will need to win another BO3 (or another) to make it to through.

Teams: JDG – LNG
Time: 26:31
Kills: 14-6
Turrets: 8-2
Gold: 52.5k – 44k
Dragons: 2-1
Barons: 1-0
JD Gaming vs LNG Esports Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 3
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