Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?

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Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?

If you want to team up with your friends on other consoles, we’re sure you're wondering – is Warframe cross platform? Find the answers here

Digital Extremes’s Warframe is a hugely popular MMO that combines elements from RPG, Third Person Looter Shooter, and Stealth. The story world is rich with multiple major plots, and the game is getting frequent updates to expand upon the massive lore that’s already in place.

When it was released in March 2013, Warframe was only available for Windows PCs. However, over time, the game made its way to other platforms, finally reaching Xbox Series S|X in April of 2021. 

So you can now play it on all platforms. Great! But what about playing cross-platform with your friends who play on Xbox or Playstation? And can you import your save files from your PC account to your Xbox?

Well, as of 2022, Digital Extremes has announced complete cross-platform play support for Warframe on all platforms, including cross-save. But before you jump the gun, there’s a lot more to understand here. So, let’s take a complete look at the cross-platform options in Warframe and how that can make your gaming experience better!

Is Warframe Cross Platform?

Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?
Credit: Warframe

During launch, you could only play Warframe on a Windows PC. That meant players on Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch were missing out on this amazing free-to-play MMO.

Lo and behold, the developers started porting the game to other consoles, noticing how popular it became within a few months. Playstation 4 was the first console to get a port in November 2013, followed by Xbox One in September of the following year. For the Nintendo Switch, the game came out in 2018. 

Playstation 5 had the game on launch, but Xbox Series S|X users had to wait until April 2021 to get the game on their platform. And with that, Warframe was officially available on all major platforms.

But at this point, the people on a specific console could only play with other players using the same console. Players on PlayStation couldn’t play with players on Windows PC or vice versa.

So, although Warframe was on all platforms, you didn’t get any cross-platform play options. That all changed on  Dec 2nd, 2022, when they announced cross-platform play support for Nintendo, PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

With this update, Warframe was officially a game with full cross-platform play capabilities.

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What Does Cross Platform Play Bring to Warframe? 

Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?
Credit: Warframe

Cross-platform play in Warframe is pretty straightforward. Before the update, you would only be matched with players who were playing on the same platform as you. In other words, if you were playing the game on PC, you would only be matched with PC players. You also couldn’t party with your friends who were playing on other platforms. 

By enabling cross-platform play, you can now queue up with your friends or players playing on any other platform. You’ll also find players on other platforms running around when you go to any of the Hub Worlds or Relays in the game. And, of course, you can also visit Dojo’s of players on other platforms or have them visit yours any time.

Another thing that cross-platform play brings to the table is trading between friends. You can now trade your items (except platinum) with players on other platforms apart from Nintendo Switch. We still expect to be able to trade with our friends on the Switch in the near future, so don’t give up hope yet!

Now, for Solo players, this might not mean much, but when you want to play with all your friends as a squad, the cross-platform features in the game certainly are quite promising. 

How to Enable Cross Platform in Warframe?

By default, cross-platform play is disabled in Warframe. However, enabling it is quite simple and only involves a few steps. Here’s how you can activate it:

Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?
Credit: Warframe
  • Head to the Pause menu when you’re in the game. 
  • Click on Options
  • Navigate to the System Tab
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Set the Cross Platform Play to On.

Voila! Cross-platform play features are now enabled in your game. You can, of course, disable it too simply by turning on the Cross Platform Play setting to Off.

Does Warframe Support Cross-Save?

While it’s already been more than a year since cross platform became available in Warframe, cross-save is a feature that came out only a few weeks back. Cross-save feature allows a player to use their account progression from a single platform on all available gaming platforms.

In other words, you’ll be able to play the game from your PC, save and quit, and pick up where you left off on your Xbox console. Pretty cool, right?

Digital Extremes revealed the idea in August 2023, and finally on December 22nd, it became accessible for all players.

To use this feature, you either need to do a One-Time Merge or Link your Digital Extremes accounts on the platforms that you wish to play on.

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Merge And Linking Accounts

Merging and linking accounts in Warframe mean two different things. 

To link your accounts on different platforms, you need to choose a single platform as your Primary Account. The progression and resources from the Primary account will override all the other linked accounts you have on other platforms.

Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?
Credit: Warframe

Simply put, if you set your PC account as the Primary account and link it to your Xbox account, your PC account will override the save file in your Xbox. So, the next time you play on Xbox, you will be playing through the progression of your PC account. Unfortunately, this also means that you’ll lose all the resources you have on your secondary account.

Merging is only available for Warframe accounts that were created before November 24th. It was only available for a limited time. But there’s a chance that it will come back in the near future.

When you choose to merge your accounts, you need to select one of your linked accounts to be the Primary one that has all your mission and quest progression in the game. Resources, weapons, and currencies from your secondary account will get merged into your primary account. However, the progression in your primary account will remain the same.

The connected accounts will now act as a single, merged Warframe account that you can use on any platform you want to play on via Account management.

Remember, the act of merging or linking accounts in Warframe is permanent and cannot be reversed. So make sure you’re clear on which account you want to set as your primary before you decide to link your accounts across different platforms.

Tenno, Get Ready for War!

The massive world of Warframe can get pretty lonely without friends. Now, with cross-platform play and cross-save features available in the game, you can team up with your friends no matter which platform they are on.

Hopefully, our guide on enabling cross-platform play in Warframe can help you join up with your friends on all platforms and experience the game at its best. Good luck!

Is Warframe Cross Platform: How to Use Cross Play Features?
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