Is The Finals Dagger Worth It?

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Is The Finals Dagger Worth It?

In a game like The Finals, choosing the right weapon is certainly a very important thing to do in order to get the better of your enemies. Many, therefore, are wondering whether The Finals dagger is an excellent option to bet on during the various matches. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this weapon so that you can make your own considerations and decide whether or not to opt for this type of weapon.

What Is The Finals Dagger?

Before we proceed to tell you what the pros and cons of this weapon are, it is good to know some general information about it. The Finals dagger is a melee weapon that can only be used by a Light build, as happens, for example, with throwing knives. For this reason, if you are willing to try this weapon, you will necessarily have to play with this type of build.

You can decide to attack enemies in two different ways. The first is to use a fast attack that is capable of inflicting 50 damage, which can be useful if, while running around the map, you come across some opponents and need to buy time to escape. The second attack is, however, the most important one to consider. The backstab, in fact, is capable of inflicting 320 damage on your opponents and is therefore capable of immediately killing Light and Medium builds.

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Is It Worth It?

Like any other weapon in the game, The Finals dagger also has pros and cons that you need to evaluate when you are about to make your weapon choice. Since this weapon can essentially be used up close, you will need to be a very skilled and fast player who is able to hit and run without getting hit yourself. For this reason, using this weapon is not at all simple. Our advice is to first familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and then try to use The Finals dagger until you have mastered how it works.

Another thing to keep in mind is that The Finals dagger doesn't deal much damage unless you use a backstab. Consequently, this only exposes you to the risk of being hit, in case some opponent has noticed your presence. For this reason, our advice is to use The Finals dagger making use of the Cloaking Device, so as to place an emphasis on the stealth approach and therefore try not to be seen before being able to score a hit.

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Is The Finals Dagger Worth It?
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