Is Stellar Blade Coming to PC?

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Is Stellar Blade Coming to PC?

Is Stellar Blade coming to PC? Stellar Blade was immediately announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, on which Sony intends to focus heavily, but many have wondered if it will also arrive on PC. In this article, therefore, we will try to shed some light on the issue, so as to be aware of what the developers actually have in mind to do.

Is Stellar Balde on PC?

No, for the moment, there are no plans to bring Stellar Blade to PC. The developers haven't commented on this issue at all, so we don't know if it's something they're considering or not. The fact is that, for the moment, those who intend to take on the role of EVE, the protagonist of the game, will necessarily have to be in possession of a PlayStation 5.

However, although there is no news on a possible arrival of the game on PC, we certainly shouldn't give up. Or rather, there is always the hope that it will also arrive on PC, sooner or later. Sony, in fact, in recent years, has decided to make many of its most successful IPs available for PC (such as The Last of Us and Uncharted), with this new policy of broadening horizons towards the PC world, which is not sure time to stop.

Just shortly, for example, PC players will be able to get their hands on another PlayStation exclusive that will arrive on PC, namely Ghost of Tsushima. For this reason, it is likely that Stellar Blade will also arrive on PC, although we obviously don't know when. Most likely, the developers will want to see what the sales will be on PlayStation 5 and what the general reception of the title will be, and then consider a possible arrival on PC.

Is Stellar Blade Coming to PC?
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