Is Sand Land Open World?

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Is Sand Land Open World?

Is Sand Land open world? Nowadays, many development teams aim to create open-world adventures that are able to keep players company for many hours even after completing the main campaign. However, obviously, not everyone decides to go down this path. But is this the case with Sand Land?

In this article, we will give an answer to this question so that you are prepared for what you will have to face when you decide to take part in this adventure inspired by the world created by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the very famous Dragonball.

Is Sand Land Open World? Explained

Sand Land is an open-world RPG in which you will meet the most characteristic and iconic characters of the manga created by Toriyama. Players will take on the role of Beelzebub and will have the opportunity not only to learn how to manage his powers, but they will also be able to explore the game world created by the developers.

The development team has tried to remain as faithful as possible to the original work but, obviously, there will be no shortage of liberties taken to best match the game structure of an open world. In fact, in addition to the main plot, players will also have the opportunity to take part in secondary missions and activities, which will serve not only as filler but also as a possibility to level up their character.

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is sand land open world

Since it is an RPG, in fact, you will have access to different abilities that you can unlock as you continue your adventure in Sand Land. Obviously, this is a feature, as usual, that you will discover as you play. For this reason, when it comes to this type of game, our advice is to explore everything the game world has to offer far and wide so as not to miss anything along the way.

Ultimately, Sand Land seems to have what it takes to be a good open-world RPG based on Akira Toriyama's work of the same name. The release is now just around the corner, so you won't have to wait long before you'll be able to play the game. However, in case you want it, a demo is also available that allows you to get an idea of what the game is so as to understand whether it is right for you or not.

Is Sand Land Open World?
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