Is Pixel Gun 3D Cross Platform?

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Is Pixel Gun 3D Cross Platform?

Is Pixel Gun 3D cross platform? This is one of the questions that many users have been asking since the announcement that the game would also arrive on PC and console. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you are ready.

Pixel Gun 3D Cross Platform Explained

Anyone who has started playing the game on mobile will be happy to know that Pixel Gun 3D supports cross platform multiplayer and progression. This means that, if you decide to continue playing the game on PC or console after trying the mobile version, everything you have unlocked will also be transferred to the other versions.

Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, since it is a multiplayer game, you will also have the opportunity to play with players from other platforms. So, if you have friends who own the game on a different platform than yours, there will be no obstacle that will prevent you from playing together. This is definitely an important aspect of increasing the popularity of the game.

Is Pixel Gun 3D Cross Platform

However, the game still has good popularity in itself and is competing with other games in the genre. What has certainly helped is the fact that it is a free-to-play game, so you can play it without even having to spend anything. However, keep in mind that the mobile version has ads within it, which is not present in the console and PC versions. Furthermore, these latest versions also have improved graphics and framerate compared to the mobile version.

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In addition to being a free-to-play game, Pixel Gun 3D is also convincing players from a content point of view. In fact, it is possible to take part in different game modes that are present, such as battle royale, raids, mini-games, story mode, and many other things that the developers will add over time.

If you are looking for a game that can let you spend time with your friends having fun together, Pixel Gun 3D is definitely a suitable choice. Its free-to-play nature and the content that is offered are certainly great advantages that will ensure that you will remain glued to your phone, PC, or console for a long time, especially if in good company.

Is Pixel Gun 3D Cross Platform?
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