Pacific Drive Game Pass: Will It Be Available?

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Pacific Drive Game Pass: Will It Be Available?

“Pacific Drive Game Pass” is one of the most searched phrases in recent days. After showing itself for the first time a few months ago, Pacific Drive has aroused a fair amount of interest among players and there are those who are wondering whether or not the game will be available at launch on Game Pass. In this article, therefore, we will try to answer this question so that you have all the necessary information before the game is available on the market.

Pacific Drive Game Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft has been accustomed to the fact that many games arrive directly within its subscription service on the day of their release for some time now, especially when it comes to indie or first-party titles. Obviously, however, this is not always the case. Certainly, not all games are immediately added to the catalog and Pacific Drive is precisely one of these cases. In fact, there is no official news on the matter that has confirmed the presence of the game within Microsoft's subscription service, so we can say that, at least for the moment, Pacific Drive will not be available within it.

We don't know the reasons why this is the case; these are internal decisions made by the two parties. We don't even know if the two parties have ever even mentioned this possibility. Obviously, this does not mean that it is probable that the game will arrive in the Game Pass catalog in the future. This would certainly be a welcome addition, also because the game achieved considerable success during the Steam Next Fest, with many users who decided to try the free demo made available by the developers. At the moment, therefore, we cannot give more concrete information about this issue, also because no official statements of any kind have been made by the developers.

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We remind you that Pacific Drive will be released on February 22, 2024, on PC and PlayStation 5. Nothing is yet known regarding a possible arrival on the Xbox console, but it is likely that this could happen in the future, as has already happened with other productions. What we know for sure is that the game will not arrive on Mac and Linux, as the developers have decided not to continue down this path and not support the development of the game in this direction too. But what is Pacific Drive exactly about? Let's see it together.

Pacific Drive is an immersive, first-person driving survival experience where your car becomes your sole companion. Explore a surreal rendition of the Pacific Northwest and confront supernatural perils as you journey into the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Every foray into the wild presents distinct and bizarre obstacles as you refurbish and enhance your vehicle using an abandoned garage as your central hub. Scavenge valuable resources and delve into the remnants of the Zone's past, uncovering a forgotten enigma while mastering the art of survival in this unforgiving and unpredictable terrain.

Pacific Drive Game Pass: Will It Be Available?
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