Infinity Ward Cleans up COD Webs, Brings Helicopters Back to Warzone

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Infinity Ward Cleans up COD Webs, Brings Helicopters Back to Warzone

It seems like the COD community is cleaning up the shop.

Earlier today, Infinity Ward announced that a brand new Call of Duty playlist update is now live for Modern Warfare and Warzone. This latest playlist makes adjustments to both games–namely re-adding helicopters back to the battle royale on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Get To Tha Choppa

While the Helicopters were recently removed from Warzone, mostly due to fans complaining that some players were exploiting the features of the vehicle, they’re back. However, some fans have also been reporting that they were continuously encountering a new bug. Somewhere, players across Warzone were able to glitch airborne vehicles (i.e. helicopter) under the map to get free kills.

So far, there has been no word from Infinity Ward regarding this issue.

New Warzone

Regarding Warzone, Infinity Ward has completely swapped Solos for the brand-new Stimulus Solos. The Stimulus Solos disables The Gulag, meaning the only way you can respawn is by spending your money. Each player will start with 4500 in cash, and you drop 50 percent of it when you die. Additionally, respawning is disabled in the second to last circle.

Elsewhere in the playlist update, Modern Warfare's Shipment 24/7 has been adjusted to become Shipment 10v10. Also, 3v3 Gunfight (Knives Only) has been added to the multiplayer moshpit.

Just recently, Infinity Ward and co-developer Raven Software put forward a new update for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. Yesterday’s patch made adjustments to “help prevent vehicle exploits,” nerfed the .357 revolver, tweaked “all smoke challenges” to make them a little easier, and more. To find out more about those updates, click here.

What’s Next

Back to back updates across platforms and titles. User-focused changes that are supported by the COD community. This is all good stuff, but there are still issues to be tended to.

With the CDL set to start back up today and fans already happy with the latest update, it seems like only good things are to come for the shooter franchise. Quarantine has kept esports interest thriving, and with the IW team following through on updates, who knows how good this summer will be for Call of Duty.

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