Increase Your League of Legends Win Rate by Using LoL Stats

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Increase Your League of Legends Win Rate by Using LoL Stats

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world. The most recent data published by Riot Games shows LoL has over 80 million active monthly players. Moreover, almost 30 million of those log in every day. In fact, League is so popular that more than 200 million people watched the 2018 LoL World Championships live. That's twice the viewership of the American Super Bowl! The large number of games played each day provides a wealth of data that can help players improve and beat the game’s current meta.

What is the Current Meta?

The meta describes how players think the game should be played. This includes what they believe are currently the best champions, builds, and strategies. The meta evolves as Riot continues to patch the game and as players learn to counter the current meta. Thus, it’s important to understand what champions are currently the most popular and how to counter them to rank up. Moreover, learning how to beat the meta will stop you from being countered yourself. Clearly, you can’t just rely on your small set of experiences to understand the meta. Therefore, you need big data analysis.

League of Legends Stats

In fact, the amount of data collected in eSports is so massive that advanced algorithms are needed to interpret the information. For instance, with 142 champions in League of Legends, there are over 84 quadrillion different champion combinations for each game! Therefore, a large dataset and machine learning methods are required to build predictive algorithms.

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Luckily for LoL players, Riot provides free access to all their data via an API. Developers can now extract and analyze numerous factors from each match. These include: K/D/A, rune and item builds, gold and experience earned, etc. Simple stats, such as win rates over time, first blood percentages, and dragons killed, help players develop their champion strategies. Likewise, advanced LoL stats are now available, such as tools to predict the winners of matches and tier lists that take multiple factors into account when ranking champions.

Above all, players can use these curated tier lists to select the champion they wish to train and develop. It takes a lot of time to master another champ. Therefore, it pays to use a tier list generated from millions of recent matches, so you know your new champion will dominate your opponents. Also, tier lists can help players select the best bans by restricting their opponents' choices to only mediocre champions.

As the meta continues to evolve and as players develop more complex strategies, the algorithms that generate the LoL stats and predictions also need to advance. With access to so many stats and new tools, it’s a great time to be a competitive LoL player!

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