League Of Legends: Immortals Replace Xmithie With Potluck As Starting LCS Jungler

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League Of Legends: Immortals Replace Xmithie With Potluck As Starting LCS Jungler

Immortals has made quite an unexpected roster move just days before the Summer Split.

Today, Immortals announced its starting lineup for the LCS Summer Split. Everything looked as expected until Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero was noticeably missing and replaced with Nicholas James Joseph “Potluck” Pollock.

This move is surprising, to say the least. Xmithie is one of the most reliable junglers in North America and was a part of the Team Liquid roster that dominated the LCS for two years. Meanwhile, Potluck is rather untested on the big stage. He joined the Immortals Academy this year and played the full Spring Split with them. Prior to that, he had stints with the disbanded Bloody Gaming and Golden Guardians Academy. He had some good tournament results but it's hard to equate these to the LCS level.

To be fair though, many did want Immortals to make changes after a rough Spring Split. They finished eighth overall and missed out on playoffs. Overall, the team lacked firepower and the main way they got wins was through methodical, late-game macro play. As a result, there wasn't too much to be excited about with the squad.

Potluck could bring a spark to the team they desperately need. He won't have the same experience and knowledge but he can definitely add in other ways. This move is to just start the split off though, and if the main game and scrim results favor Xmithie, he will make his return. For now, fans will have to wait and hope Potluck delivers a feast!

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