Immortals Lays off OpTic Gaming Staff Following IGC Acquisition

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Immortals Lays off OpTic Gaming Staff Following IGC Acquisition

IGC has laid off several employees from different parts of the OpTic Organization following their acquisition of Infinite Esports and Entertainment.

As many OpTic fans already know, Immortals Gaming Club finalized their acquisition of the esports organization in early June. However, there have been even more consequences that have just come to light; according to Richard Lewis of Dexerto, 30 employees were laid off from the embattled organization. OpTic’s CSGO and Gears of War teams were already on the chopping block, but it appears more cuts are yet to come.

OpTic Exodus Continues

Several high profile content creators have already left OpTic, but the layoffs seem to hit the content creation team most of all. Immortals had originally planned original content and documentaries initially, but it looks as though IGC has scrapped those plans. As for the Houston Outlaws, OpTic’s Overwatch League team, they are a wreck. Activision has given Immortals 180 days to find a buyer for the Houston Outlaws or else Activision will take direct control of the brand. This has led to huge motivational problems, as, according to Lewis, the staff believes they will be fired as soon as the Outlaws find a buyer.

Pretty much the only team to find a silver lining is the Call of Duty team. Ian “Crimsix” Porter and Seth “Scump” Abner have expressed their dismay at the Immortals acquisition and what they’ve done with the OpTic brand. But former OpTic owner Hector “Hecz” Rodriguez has hinted he’s looking to make a new organization for the Call of Duty OpTic team he helped build. Many fans, especially on the OpTic Gaming subreddit, have expressed interest in following Hecz and the old OpTic team wherever they go, so it’ll be a definite positive if Hecz can freshly restart the old Call of Duty dynasty and keep the Green Wall alive.

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