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Immortals Plans for the OpTic Brand: Call of Duty retains the OpTic Name, LoL Team to rebrand in 2020, and Say Goodbye to OpTic CSGO

Immortals & Optic Gaming

It looks like one CSGO team is enough for the Immortals Gaming Club, but the OpTic brand will live on in Call of Duty.

Immortals Gaming Club announced today that they will sell off OpTic’s Counterstrike: Global Offensive team after its acquisition of Infinite Entertainment earlier last week. Immortals already has a presence in Counterstrike with the Brazilian team MiBR. Interestingly, the OpTic Counterstrike team plays today in the Closed Qualifiers for the Starladder Berlin Major Minor tournament.

Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen, IGC's Vice President of Finances, outlined the issue on his personal Twitter account today:

ESTNN has reached out to Valve for both comment and a copy of Counterstrike's Major tournament rules and will update this article when we hear back.

Call of Duty

Luckily for fans of the brand, it seems as though Immortals will retain the OpTic name and branding for OpTic’s Call of Duty team.

In a release from Immortals, Managing Director of Griffin Gaming Partners and Chairman of the Immortals Board of Directors, had this to say on the OpTic Call of Duty brand:

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“Clearly OpTic is a premier Call of Duty brand,” said Peter Levin, Managing Director of Griffin Gaming Partners and Chairman of the IGC Board of Directors. “We are excited to work with our partners at Activision Blizzard to ensure that OpTic continues to play that leading role in Call of Duty's future.”

League of Legends

Immortals is back in the LCS, but they’re still going to be OpTic Gaming until 2020. The press release announced that the franchise would rebrand to Immortals in that year.

Overwatch League

Current Blizzard restrictions mean that Immortals cannot own two teams that play in the League. As they already own the Los Angeles Valient, and therefore must sell the Houston Outlaws brand and team. According to the release, Immortals will manage the team until a buyer can be found. As of now, the team is retaining all of its employees, and will basically be a separate entity from IGC, according to the press release.

Image VIA: Immortals

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