Immortals 2024 LCS Preview

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Immortals 2024 LCS Preview

Has Immortals done enough to move out of last place?

Immortals will be returning in 2024 for another run at the LCS. Despite their lack of popularity amongst the community, this Esports org is here to stay for at least another season following the departure of Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians from the LCS ecosystem. Has Immortals finally put together a roster that can challenge the best in the league? Probably not. But they have, in my opinion, improved the overall strength of the roster and should at least be competitive in-game, even if their record remains relatively the same. ESTNN will dive into the IMT offseason roster moves and predict where they will place at the end of the Spring Split.

Mask and Castle Headlines Immortals 2024, Olleh Returns

In a time when more and more North American talent is being pushed through, Immortals has looked to South Korea to build a competitive roster. Lee “Mask” Sang-hun and Cho “Castle” Hyeon-seong have joined the organization, with the loveable Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung returning not only to the LCS but to Immortals, where he had a year-long stint with the organization in 2017. Starting with the solo-laners, Castle comes from the LCK development system, having been with KT Rolster since 2020. Mask also comes from the LCK developmental system but most recently played for UoL Sexy Edition, the sister team to the Unicorns of Love. Mask participated in the 2023 EMEA Masters, where his side finished 9-12 with a 3-3 record.

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Olleh is back in the LCS after completing his mandatory Military service. We last saw Olleh in the 2021 season, where he competed under former LCS organization Golden Guardians. Olleh has always been a solid Support and has often come back to the league and instantly found success when he departed from the LCS in the past. Olleh will be paired with Edward “Tactical” Ra, which should make for an explosive Bottom Lane. Tactical is a player who can compete with the very best when confident. Even when on Immortals or TSM, two of the lower-tier teams in recent memory, Tactical has shown he still has what it takes and is a great talent. If there is ever a player that can bring that spark out in Tactical, it is Olleh.

A signing that will go under the radar but is a shrewd signing is Jonathan “Armao” Armao. Do I think he is a top-tier Jungler? No, that has been proven over the years, but Armao is a solid Jungler who can “do a job” for Immortals. Armao is a great enabler, and for their Korean solo-laners to work out, they will need a Jungler like Armao to pull them in the right direction.

Immortals 2024 LCS Prediction

Immortals have the opportunity to “make things interesting” in the 2024 LCS Spring Split regular season. As I said earlier, Armao and Olleh are two interesting pieces that could be vital to them in the early parts of the regular season. It wouldn't surprise me to see Immortals floating around the top four early on but also in last place. It depends on how the “LCS veterans” can glue the team together to make a cohesive unit.

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Of the two solo laners, Castle is the player I am most intrigued to watch. For most of his career, Castle has played mainly tanks – champions looking to team fight. Champions like Gnar and Gragas are his most played at 28 and 23 games, respectively. Even if Immortals does finish in last place – some team has to – I hope they can make every game competitive and show faith in their players that this is a long-term project.

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