“I really want to play Teemo top” An Interview with CLG Ruin

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“I really want to play Teemo top” An Interview with CLG Ruin

We caught up with Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min, Top Laner for CLG, after their victory over Golden Guardians during week three of the LCS.  We were able to ask him about how he feels in the LCS, the difference between the different regions he has played, and even some picks he would like to pull out in the top lane.

Ruin, how do you feel after week three? How do you feel you are doing here in NA, and how do you feel CLG is doing so far in the split?

For sure this week we are better than last week and I am very happy about it. In today’s game, my performance was not that clean, it was kind of a messy game, so it's like not sad, I am still happy because I won, but I still need to fix many problems.

Only natural as you are in a new region, how do you feel NA compares to the other regions you have played in?

In League or Life?

Let’s start with the differences in leagues.

Hmm … I would say NA players are better than Turkish league players for sure, I’m not sure about Europe. The skill level is similar between NA and EU, maybe EU is better I don’t know, maybe because they won MSI, right? I think mentality is kind of different between EU and NA, NA style is really nice like really nice people. Europe is kind of sarcastic or toxic. They are so nice here and that is the main difference.

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And what about life? Do you like living here in LA in comparison to other places you have lived in?

So I really like living in NA, because right now I live near K-Town. I feel like I am living in Korea, also the food and people are really nice, so everything is very good.

Sometimes we hear it is difficult for players to come to a new team, especially in the middle of the year, how do you feel about joining CLG?

So my teammates are really really nice guys, so it was very easy to work with them and was very easy to become friends. I think right now I am good friends with everyone, so everything is just going really good.

That’s great to hear. Now switching back towards the meta, you obviously had the chance to play in MSI, what are your thoughts on the changes in meta since then? Is there anything you would like to change?

So top lane did not change as much, for me, I think the main thing has been I play more Sylas and Aatrox because I didn’t use them as much. Now they are meta champions that I can play, and I am actually good at these champions so that is the main difference.

Is there a champion you really have wanted to play but haven’t had the chance to show? This could be a personal favorite as well.

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I really like Teemo so I really really want to play Teemo top. Actually, some matchups are not bad, maybe like against Irelia or maybe against some other melee champions maybe Mordekaiser. I really want to play [Teemo] so I am waiting to play [him] one time.

Mordekaiser coming back might the perfect time.

Yeah, Teemo is really good against Mordekaiser.

With that in mind do you have any tips/advice for people in solo queue that want to climb from the top lane? Is Teemo the answer?

So in solo queue… hmmm… I would say if you are a good player you will get high elo, but *laughs* If it is not like that then stay humble, even if your team is inting just stay focused and do your job. If someone says bad things just mute them and focus on your play.

Do you have any words for fans of you and of CLG that you would like to say?

I know CLG has many fans, I am really proud that we have many fans. I hope that you guys keep cheering for me and for us. Thank you!

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