How to Win a Conquest Victory in Manor Lords

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How to Win a Conquest Victory in Manor Lords

In Manor Lords, you will also have to face other regents in order to gain access to territories. Specifically, if you want to win a Conquest victory, there are several things you need to take into consideration. This is a very delicate thing that could cause problems for players with less experience.

In this article, therefore, you will be able to get some useful advice on how to deal with this aspect of the game. If you are in trouble, you are definitely in the right place.

How to Win a Conquest Victory in Manor Lords

To win a Conquest victory, you have to take over all the places on the map using your Influence points. When every spot on the map is yours, you have won the game. But let's see in detail how to do it.

Build a Strong Economy

It's important to make your towns really good at making money. You don't have to settle in every single place on the map, just claim them. If you spread out too fast, you might not have enough stuff to keep your empire going. Your people might not be happy, or it could be hard to protect your lands. So, take your time and build up strong towns first.

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Generate Influence

Don't forget to collect lots of Influence points. You need 1000 points for each region you want to claim. There are 8 regions in total, so you will need 7000 points to get all of them, apart from the one you began in. Try to get rid of bandits and set a Tithe that won't make your people unhappy. This way, you can keep getting Influence points without making your approval drop too much.

Note: You can also earn Influence by making your settlement bigger, making new rules, and upgrading Churches or Manors.

Note: If you want to take a region that another lord already owns, it will be more expensive. You will need 2000 Influence instead of 1000. Plus, the other lord won't just let you have it. They will fight back by starting a war with you. You will have to win the fight to make the region yours.

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Defeat the Enemy Lord

If there's another lord who's against you, focus on beating them first. It costs double Influence to take their land. That way, you won't need as much Influence or have to fight as many battles. Also, if the AI is set to Aggressive, they will keep sending troops to take your land. But if it's Balanced, they will only fight you if there's no more empty land left. So, it's important to get rid of them quickly.

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Increase Population Size

It's smart to make your town bigger because your Militia depends on how many people live there. Make sure most people are happy, like around 75%. And have plenty of space for houses so more people can move in.

Upgrade Burgage Plots

When you make a Burgage Plot upgrade till level 3, the people who live there can get stronger. If you upgrade it to level 3, they can wear Mail Armor when they join your Militia. Just make sure you have enough Mail Armor for them. Then your soldiers will be even better.

Build Garrison Towers

Your Retinue is super important, so it's smart to make it bigger. You can do this by building Garrison Towers. At first, you can have up to 12 units in your Retinue. But each Manor with a Garrison Tower adds 12 more units. So, the more Towers you build, the stronger your Retinue will be.

How to Win a Conquest Victory in Manor Lords
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