How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant (Quest and Skins)

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How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant (Quest and Skins)

In this article, we will tell you how to unlock Bunny in The First Descendant, how to complete her quest, and all the skins available.

The First Descendant is a new free-to-play third-person looter shooter game that allows you to play in the company of other people. As often happens with this type of game, there are different characters and skins that you can unlock during your adventure. One of those that seems to have captured the most interest from players is that of Bunny.

How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant

The first thing to know is that you will not have the opportunity to use this character from the beginning of your adventure. You will have to perform some actions and complete some missions to be able to have Bunny in your roster. However, you won't have to wait that long. But let's see together in detail everything you will have to do to obtain this character (and her skins).

The First Descendant Bunny Quest

To get Bunny in The First Descendant, you simply have to follow the main story missions. At a certain point, you will have to accept the mission “Obtain Bunny Suit Basic Materials”, which is precisely the one you will need to unlock this character. As you can guess from the name of the mission, it will require you to find materials in the game world:

  • 1x Bunny Enhanced Cells
  • 1x Bunny Stabilizer
  • 1x Bunny Spiral Catalyst
  • 1x Bunny Code
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Now, what you will have to do is simply continue to accept and complete the missions that are linked to obtaining all the materials that we have listed above. Once you have everything you need, you can go to Magisters Anais and get Bunny for a total of 100k credits.

How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant easy in 2024 | ONE Esports

The first three materials you are looking for can all be found in the Kingston region. For the Bunny Enhanced Cells, all you have to do is complete the “Move to the Fallen Theater” mission. For the Bunny Stabilizer, you will need to complete the mission “Infiltrate the Magister Lab Operation”. For the Bunny Spiral Catalyst, you will need to complete the “Search for Hidden Data” mission.

To be precise, you will also be in possession of the Bunny Amorphous Material, a necessary resource to obtain the Bunny Code. Consequently, what you will have to do is open the Bunny Amorphous Material, but to do so you will have to defeat a boss. But don't worry, the quest system itself will tell you which boss you will have to kill. Once defeated, you will have everything you need to get Bunny in The First Descendant.

Note: Remember to click on the Reconstruct Device to actually open the Bunny Amorphous Material, otherwise the object will still be blocked.

Once you have everything you need, you will have to go to Magisters Anais to begin the search for Bunny. As soon as the timer expires, you will be able to collect her and you will be able to use this new character right away. So, as you can see, although there are some steps to take, it is absolutely not a difficult thing to do.

All The First Descendant Bunny Skins

In a game like this, skins are a very important part of the entire game. And when it comes to Bunny, there are many interesting skins that players have set their sights on. Let's see together, therefore, all the The First Descendant Bunny skins and the price to obtain them.

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Speed Awakened One Set – 1900 Caliber

This is as expensive as you get with Bunny skins (Image via

Albion Academy Cadet – 750 Caliber

Go back to the good ol' school days (Image via

Bunny's Hyperdimensional Sprinter – 750 Caliber

This one looks fairly futuristic (Image via

Bunny Hair & Makeup 2 – 275 Caliber

This one only alters her face (Image via

Pink Cross – 225 Caliber

Wear pink every day with Bunny, not only on Wednesday like the Mean Girls (Image via

Speed Demon Helmet – 225 Caliber

Tired of Bunny's face? Wear the Speed Demon Helmet (Image via

New Attempt (Head) – 125 Caliber

This one gave us Cyberpunk vibes (Image via

New Attempt (Body) – 125 Caliber

Pair this with its helmet (Image via

Carrier (Head) – 125 Caliber

The final helmet in this list (Image via

Carrier (Body) – 125 Caliber

Bunny Carrier Body Skin The First Descendant

How to Unlock Bunny Ultimate Skin

Unlike other games where the Ultimate Skins are basically reskins of a character, in The First Descendant this is not the case at all. This is a completely different character, with different and more powerful abilities. However, getting hold of this Bunny Ultimate Skin is not very simple, there are several prerequisites to meet regarding the necessary resources.

  • 900,000 Gold
  • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 949 Repton
    • 919 Ceramic Composite
    • 73 Encrypted Neural Circuit
    • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 1,285 Superfluid
    • 869 Hardener
    • 102 Specialized Biometal
    • Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 1,247 Carbon Crystal
    • 1,023 Reverse Charging Coil
    • 89 Pure Energy Residue
    • Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Code

ult bunny first ascendent ultimate

The First Descendant Bunny Build

Bunny is an agile, fast character who has a very dynamic approach to combat. As a result, when deciding which build to use, you'll need to keep in mind that your goal is to reduce cooldown times, increase movement speed, and increase damage dealt.

The First Descendant gives you the possibility of being able to calibrate the different statistics of a character through modules that can be equipped. As for Bunny, these are the ones you should take into consideration:

  • Strong Mentality: Reduces skill resource cost
  • Increased HP: Increases Max HP
  • Skill Cost Optimize: Reduces cost of skills
  • Electric Master: Increases Skill Power and Power of Electric skills
  • Electric Specialist: Increases power of Electric skills
  • Dual Claw: Increases Max Module Capacity
  • Skill Expansion: Increases Skill Effect Range
  • Nimble Fingers: Reduces Skill Cooldown
  • Increased DEF: Increases Defense
How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant (Quest and Skins)
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