How to Unlock and Use Breacher Drones in Call of Duty: MW3

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How to Unlock and Use Breacher Drones in Call of Duty: MW3

Here’s a guide on how to unlock and use Breacher Drones in Call of Duty: MW3

Activision’s latest release in the Call of Duty franchise has introduced many old and new equipment in the new Modern Warfare 3 title. These equipments are unique and diversified, each with its own job and use. Some are lethal, some are tactical, but all of them combined allow the gameplay for Modern Warfare 3 to be more distinctive and immersive.

The equipment is balanced enough not to overpower the other aspects of the game and share enough space with the rest of the elements that make up a match in MW3. Overall all the utilities and ingredients of the game are well-balanced. There is however a particular piece of lethal equipment that is more popular than the others. That is the Breacher Drone, known for being a very annoying piece of utility that can have a lot of impact if used correctly. Considering this, we have come up with a guide on how to unlock and use Breacher Drones in CoD: MW3.

How to Unlock and Use Breacher Drones in Call of Duty: MW3

The Breacher Drone is a small drone that a player can release from their hand during a game and the drone will fly away looking for enemies in the direction it is released. It will keep flying till it has an impact on anything. On impact, the drone will trigger a decently sized explosion which will kill all enemies in its range.

The best aspect of this equipment is the ratio of the effort needed to use it, compared to the effect. All a player has to do is aim it at the general direction of the enemy and let it go. This will allow the drone up and hit the players, causing them to explode to their deaths. Sounds quite easy!

How to Unlock Breacher Drones

The way to unlock Breacher Drones is a little more complicated than one might expect. It doesn’t just involve increasing your level or getting kills. The Breacher Drone demands the completion of several daily challenges. Doing so will allow the player to equip the drone in their Lethal Equipment slot.

The new Armory Unlocks mechanic will be used here. Before trying to go for the daily challenges, the player has to unlock the Armoy Unlocks by reaching level 25. So there is some good old XP grinding involved in the process.

The best way to level up fast and get XP is to play Kill Confirmed or try to play Zombies in Urzikstan to farm XP. After getting the Armory Unlocks mechanic, the player will have to complete 3 Daily Challenges. These challenges can be completed in both Multiplayer and Zombies to unlock the Breacher Drone. Completing these challenges will allow the player to unlock and then equip the Breacher Drone in the Lethal Equipment slot of their loadouts.

How to Use Breacher Drones

Using the Breacher Drone is quite easy. Since you don’t have to control or move the drone around manually yourself, there isn’t much skill or effort required to use one. All one has to do is identify where the enemies are, aim in that direction, and release the drone. The little guy will fly off in that direction and for enemies to blow up.

How to Unlock and Use Breacher Drones in Call of Duty: MW3
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Since the drone explodes on impact, it is important to aim and pinpoint the direction of the drone properly. Game modes like Hardpoint and Domination have large clusters of enemies stacked in a tight area. This is the perfect situation to use the Breacher Drone for a multi-kill.

Another way of aiming the drone is to release it by looking at the feet of the target. This makes the drone fly below the normal player's point of view and they won’t see the drone coming. So they’ll blow up without even knowing what happened. This is also very impactful against long-ranged snipers and campers. All you have to do is aim the drone towards them and watch the snipers blow up in a fiery explosion. This is a piece of utility that can find a lot of value if used correctly.

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How to Unlock and Use Breacher Drones in Call of Duty: MW3
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