How to Survive Caves in Lego Fortnite

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How to Survive Caves in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite is a game in which exploration is the key to progress; however, not all areas in the various biomes are easy to cross. An example are caves. These areas are very dangerous since they hide dangers within them, especially those found in the Frostlands and Dry Valley. For this reason, knowing how to survive caves in Lego Fortnite is certainly a very important thing if you want to continue the game without too many problems. In this article, therefore, we will give you some useful advice that you should use so that your life will be easier when you are forced to enter caves to look for certain materials and resources.

Bring Someone With You

The first thing we want to advise you is not to undertake this adventure alone. Lego Fortnite, fortunately, gives you the possibility of bringing reinforcements with you, which in some situations is certainly recommended; going to discover the Lego Fortnite caves is certainly one of those situations. In addition to being able to play in co-op with one of your friends (certainly a better choice because you will have the opportunity to interact and manage the situation better), Lego Fortnite also gives you the possibility of making use of AI-controlled characters.

There are many NPCs in the game that can be recruited as you progress through the game, so our advice is to rely on one of them to best face your adventure inside the caves. However, not all characters are suitable for exploration and combat, so here is an article in which we explain to you what the most suitable use of each NPC present in the game is.

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Bring a Lot of Food

Food is never enough, especially when you are engaged in a mission that involves exploring the Lego Fortnite caves. Some of them, in fact, are really large and stretch out for a long time before reaching the end; consequently, you will have to bring a lot of food with you, also because the danger of getting lost and therefore spending more time than necessary inside the cave is always behind the corner.

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Since this is a survival game, the hunger aspect must absolutely not be underestimated, as your character will need to eat over time, so you will have to be ready for this eventuality. Don't be afraid, and bring all the necessary food with you. Our further advice is to, if you find yourself in the Frostlands or the Dry Valley, bring with you food that will allow you to resist the cold or heat. Trust me, you will definitely need it.

Lego Fortnite Snowberry Shake

Don't Forget About the Charms

Going back to what was said in the previous point, you must take into consideration the temperature of the cave you are entering. Depending on the biome you are in, it may be extremely cold or extremely hot, so don't forget (in addition to food) to bring the appropriate charms with you. We know that creating these objects is not at all easy, and you will have to waste time finding the right resources, but we assure you that in the long run, it will be the best choice you could have made.

In fact, food is excellent only momentarily, for a short period of time, while Lego Fortnite charms have a longer duration and better effectiveness. Especially if you decide to upgrade them. In fact, our advice is to always be vigilant and attentive to the tools that you can enhance in Lego Fortnite, as they can definitely make a difference, especially on riskier occasions.

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Enchant/Upgrade Tools and Weapons

Let's continue with our list of tips on how to survive in caves in Lego Fortnite, referring back to what was said in the last lines of the previous paragraph. In fact, enchanting your tools and weapons is definitely the right thing to do. First of all, however, you will have to build the Essence Table, as we explained in this article. Once this is done, you will have the path clear to upgrade your tools and weapons in order to increase their durability and more.

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Furthermore, we also advise you to try other enchantments that are not strictly linked to your weapons or tools, such as the one that allows you to increase your healing or the one that increases the damage inflicted on enemies. In short, in this case, you have the possibility to vary a little in order to find the one that best suits your style of playing.

In case things get serious and the difficulty becomes greater, especially due to stronger enemies and increasingly adverse weather conditions, our advice is to upgrade your equipment. Opt for more powerful weapons that are able to kill enemies faster, as well as you should also try to get a bigger health bar so that you can take more hits before dying.

lego fortnite weapons

Fighting Is Not Always the Choice

It might seem contradictory what I'm about to say, but fighting isn't always the thing to do. It is true that we told you to upgrade your weapons and make use of charms that are capable of increasing the damage inflicted on enemies, but that does not mean that you should engage in combat with everything that comes before you, on the contrary. In some cases, moving into the shadows or running away is the best choice to make.

Remember that you entered the Lego Fortnite caves to collect materials and resources, so unless these resources are released by enemies, there is no need to defeat them all. Eliminate only those that hinder your passage and that are right near the resources you need to collect, and avoid any other type of threat that hides in the shadows. Furthermore, by doing so, you will also reduce the time spent inside the Lego Fortnite caves, which is certainly useful for food and climatic conditions.

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How to Survive Caves in Lego Fortnite
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