How to Score More Goals in EA FC 24 With La Croqueta

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How to Score More Goals in EA FC 24 With La Croqueta

Want to know how to score more goals in EA FC 24? Mastering the La Croqueta move can boost your goal count significantly

Struggling to hit the back of the net in EA FC 24? You're not alone. Many players find it incredibly difficult to outscore the opposition in matches, which ultimately hinders their progress in the game. If you have been wondering how to score more goals in EA FC 24, we are here today to help you with an incredibly effective goalscoring hack. It’s possible to increase your scoring rate by utilizing the La Croqueta trick. Let’s find out how this fantastic skill move can put your goalscoring woes to bed.

What is La Croqueta?

La Croqueta is an effective move for smoothly navigating crowded areas on the field. It's all about quickly shifting the ball sideways from one foot to the other. As you deftly dribble the ball, and in a split second, smoothly glide the ball from your left to your right foot to deceive the defender.

It's not just about getting past the defender; It's about leaving them behind, surprised by your fast change in direction and speed. This move helps you make room to move forward and take advantage of the defenders’ momentary lapse in concentration.

How to Score More Goals in EA FC 24 With La Croqueta

How to Score More Goals in EA FC 24 With La Croqueta

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La Croqueta will not help you score screamers from outside the box, but it will be the perfect trick to pull out of your hat when you are in a 1v1 situation inside the box. You can expect to fool the best-rated defenders and goalkeepers with this move in the current meta.

How to Do The La Croqueta in EA FC 24

You can execute the La Croqueta with players with three-star skill moves and above. Hold down L1 (or LB) to trigger the move and use the right analog stick to move the ball from one foot to the other instead of doing a ball roll. This move was incredibly strong in FIFA 19 and is still helpful during attacks.

Team Gulit, a prominent EA FC 24 content creator, took to Twitter to show how easy it is to use La Croqueta in 1v1 scenarios. In the shared clips, Guilt’s attacker finds himself facing the goalkeeper with no one else around. The attacker moves closer to the goal and uses the Croqueta move to go around the goalkeeper and carve out a better angle for a shot. As a result, he beats the keeper with ease and slots the ball effortlessly into the net.

Timing is the key to maximizing the scoring potential of this move. Taking too much time to take the shot afterward might give the trailing defenders a chance to recover and dispossess you.

How to Score More Goals in EA FC 24 With La Croqueta
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