Master Precision Shooting to Score More Goals in EA FC 24

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Master Precision Shooting to Score More Goals in EA FC 24

Exploit the finesse of Precision Shooting to find the back of the net more often in EA FC 24

EA FC 24 kickstarts the beginning of a new era in EA Sports' beloved soccer game series as it ends its longtime partnership with FIFA. To make sure the new game does not feel like “FIFA 24” in a new name, the developers have introduced some new features to enhance gameplay.While the core elements of the game have largely remained unchanged, these new additions provide us with an exciting opportunity to experience a familiar game in a fresh and captivating way. Precision Shooting is one of the gameplay features that debuted in EA Sports FC 24.

What Is Precision Shooting In EA FC 24?

As you create scoring opportunities in the game, you'll now have the option to take advantage of Precision Shooting. This innovative feature replaces the traditional semi-assisted shooting mechanic, demanding that you sharpen your aim when setting up a shot. It will also increase the power of the shot, meaning the ball will head toward the target at faster speeds.

Precision Shooting, EA FC 24

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How To Turn On Precision Shooting?

Go the settings menu and look for the “Gameplay Settings” option. After entering gameplay settings, scroll down to find the “Shot Assistance” option. Once you do, set it to “Precision” from ” Default”.

How To Boost Your Goal Count With Precision Shooting In EA FC 24

It's important to note that while Precision Shooting can be a game-changer, its effectiveness varies depending on the circumstances. If you find yourself attempting long-range shots or finesse shots, Precision Shooting may not yield the best results. To maximize your success rate, consider this strategic approach: position yourself within the penalty box before unleashing your shot towards the goal. This tactical adjustment can significantly enhance your chances of scoring.

Here's why this strategy is so effective: within the penalty box, you are in a prime position to take advantage of Precision Shooting's benefits. The closer proximity to the goal allows for more precise aiming and greater control over the direction of your shot. As a result, you'll witness a substantial increase in your likelihood of scoring goals. Since the ball travels at a superior speed, it will be very difficult for the keeper to stop it. It also helps you to avoid blocks, which boosts your scoring chance further.

Your positioning is absolutely crucial when it comes to making the most of Precision Shooting. To ensure your shots hit the target, it's imperative that you aim directly at the goal. Taking attempts from awkward angles is a recipe for disappointment, as these shots are unlikely to find the back of the net.

When you find yourself within the range of approximately 12-13 meters from the goal, consider directing your shot towards the goalkeeper. When you strike the ball with force from this distance, the ball's velocity can work in your favor, especially with the Precision Shooting on, making it more challenging for the goalkeeper to react in time.

It's worth highlighting that this game mode goes a step further in enhancing players' weak foot finishing abilities. No longer do you need to worry about the weak foot rating of your player. In fact, Precision Shooting significantly levels the playing field, making it increasingly likely for any player, regardless of their initial weak foot proficiency, to score with their weaker foot.

Traditionally, players with lower weak foot ratings struggled to capitalize on scoring opportunities with their non-dominant foot. However, Precision Shooting defies these constraints, allowing even those players with historically less reliable weak foot abilities to become potent threats in front of the goal.





Master Precision Shooting to Score More Goals in EA FC 24
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