How To Make Money From Esports

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How To Make Money From Esports

In this article, we will take a closer look at how people make money from esports.

There are a few ways of making money from esports. Some generate real cash from playing different video games, a dream that many gamers want to make a reality. There are plenty of people out there that make a living from esports betting and Fantasy LCS too.

Just like anything, if you want to make a lot of money from esports, you should know the industry and the games that are being played inside out. If you want to become a professional gamer, you are not alone. There are millions of people out there that play video games daily. Many of these players hope to make a living from esports. Not only do you have to put in long hours of gaming, but you also have to be extremely talented too. Competition is fierce in the esports world, and to get sponsored and make money from gaming, you have to compete and win a lot of the time.

Making Money with Esports Betting

Move over horse racing and slot machines, there is a new game in town! Over the last few decades, betting online has become extremely popular. Instead of going to a land-based casino or to the local bookmakers to place a bet, people have been gambling on the web instead.

Betting on esports has been growing in popularity in recent years and there are lots of online casinos that allow members to bet on a wide range of different esports games. A lot of these casinos stream players playing different games live and they often allow members to place bets while the games are taking place. Live in-play betting is very popular in traditional sports, and live esports betting is on the rise. It allows punters to watch how a game unfolds before placing a bet.

Most esports betting sites allow people to place accumulator bets too. Instead of just predicting the outcome of a single game, people bet that a sequence of results will come in. Normally, bookies provide punters with very good odds when they place accumulator bets, so it can help the punter maximize their profits.

How do Professional Esports Gamers Make Money?

There are several esports competitions taking place throughout the year. Gamers can win a lot of money from winning these events. Every big esports competition will have a prize pool, and the bigger the event, the bigger the prize pool. The better a team plays during a tournament, the more money they will make.

Major esports titles generate a lot of money each year, which is why they host several events. Sometimes the prize pools can be worth over $1 million. These events don’t just attract the best gamers on the planet, they also attract a large number of viewers. Businesses understand that these events give them a fantastic opportunity to advertise their products and services. Sponsors sometimes pay pro gaming teams large sums of money to promote their products. The bigger fanbase the team has, the bigger the sponsorship. A lot of sponsors will also cover the gamers traveling fees and pay for them to stay in luxurious hotels while traveling to tournaments.

Is it Easy to make a Successful Gaming Team?

Being good at playing certain video games is not hard, but to become a professional gamer takes serious dedication and hard work. To compete at a high level, you’ll need to put in a lot of hours of gaming and training every day. A lot of teams will train for 10 hours a day!

Not everyone has this much time on their hands to play video games, especially those who have a full-time job or those who are going to school. Although a lot of students and full-time workers compete in competitions, they rarely make it to the top tournaments. Organizing a team that is willing to work 8-10 hours each day and consistently compete in competitions can prove extremely challenging.

Instead of creating a team, many gamers feel it is much better to join a team that already exists. Getting your name out there and climbing the competitive ladder will help you get into existing teams. Teams are often on the lookout for new players, so it might be worth making contact with some of the members to see if there are any positions available. Here is what is expected from esports teams:

  • Training: You will have to practice against other teams regularly. These training sessions will teach the team how to work together.
  • Play with your team: Instead of playing with other teams online, playing with your team as much as possible helps boost the chances of the team succeeding in competitions.
  • Competitions: Because competitions are located all around the world, they can start at any time of the day or night. You have to be available to play in several competitions throughout the year.

Most successful gamers prioritize training and gaming above everything else in their lives. It can take over a person's entire life, and it causes a lot of stress. Being a professional gamer seems like an incredible job from the outside, but very few know how much training goes on behind the scenes. The industry is so competitive that plenty of gamers have had breakdowns in the middle of competitions.


Professional gamers can indeed make a healthy living from gaming, but it's not as easy as just playing a game now and again. Gamers looking for developers to financially invest in them is not easy, and a bad run in competitions can cost them their deal. Sponsors will only invest in teams that they feel will succeed. However, even if a team consistently loses, but they have a well-known gamer that attracts a large audience, the sponsors might turn a blind eye to bad results.

Less than 5 percent of people who gamble on traditional sports make a profit in their gambling career. Unfortunately, gambling on esports is not that easy either. Before risking your hard-earned money, do a lot of research on the game and the players involved.

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