How To Kill Scout Striders In Helldivers 2

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How To Kill Scout Striders In Helldivers 2

Scout striders are interesting opponents in Helldivers 2 that are not easy to defeat, and we know it. Let’s show you how to do that.

Helldivers 2 became one of the hottest new games of 2024, and for a good reason. It has hundreds of thousands of active players who are giving everything they have to succeed. Speaking if succeeding, this involves increasing the difficulty level in Helldivers 2, which means the Automaton forces become even stronger.

While talking about such forces, we must address Scout Strider HD2. These enemies are incredibly difficult to overcome and can do tons of damage, but the good news is that we know how to deal with them. 

What Are Stout Striders Helldivers 2 

In case you are not aware, the Scout Striders in Helldviers 2 belong to the Automaton faction in the game. You can find them if you set the game difficulty level to Medium and above. 

What’s different from some of the other opponents you may face is that they do not roam around. Instead, you will mostly find them near a post, and they will have a big turret on top. Moreover, they should have big legs that will keep the current upright.

Some of you may find the Scout Striders in Helldivers 2 similar to the AT-ST Walker in Star Wars. When you come close to it, the Scout Strider HD2 can use its legs to do melee damage, whereas it will shoot with its current when you are not in range.

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How to Kill Scout Striders in HD2?

We have had a lot of problems with these units and know that killing them is easier said than done. Similar to other tough opponents in Helldivers 2, these ones have their weak spots, and you need to know how to exploit them. Thankfully, we have the information you need.

From our analysis, Scout Strider’s limbs are their weak spots because focusing on them allows you to kill them much faster. What we found is that you can actually break them when doing a lot of damage and using explosions. Some people have also defeated them by using different incapacitating support weapons, followed by doing tons of damage with some of the big guns. The list of Scout Strider HD2 options can include:

  • M-105 SStalwart
  • R-63 Diligence
  • SG-225 Breaker
  • G-16 Impact grenade

Scout Striders are tough opponents, but if you want to kill them faster, we recommend focusing on one of the legs. We do not recommend focusing on the Turret because you will need to waste a lot of resources, and the damage output will not be good.

Some of our colleagues have tried killing a Scout Strider HD2 with a grenade. This can also work, but you really need to know what you are doing because the grenade has to be on top of your opponent or really close next to him.

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Lastly, it’s also important to have a good overall movement tactic when meeting Scout Striders in Helldivers 2.  They are rarely alone, so you should have a plan on where to hide from the incoming damage. It depends on what weapons you are using, but expect the fight to be pretty long.

How To Kill Scout Striders In Helldivers 2
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