How to Heal all Status Effects in Gray Zone Warfare

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How to Heal all Status Effects in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare has a lot of status effects that need to be dealt with, but there's not an obvious way to tell from the game's UI.

So, you're pinned down in the middle of the town, bleeding out, dizzy, and your stomach is hanging out. What do you do? Well, check below for a handy chart that gives you a TLDR, with more detail later in the post. We'll update this article as we get more information as a number of Drug and Stimulant items are locked behind reputation grinds.

Gray Zone Warfare Status Effects

Inflammation, Hurt or In Pain
Heal wounds then/and use Meloxicam or Ibalin
Exhausted, Out of Breath, Fatigue
Rest for a short period without moving/sprinting
Use a Bandage, Gauze or Tourniquet to stop the bleeding
Heal wounds and make sure blood is full. Fill hydration and energy meters
Sore Arms
Take a rest. Stop shooting or using melee weapons until they heal
 Fill hydration with Water (ideally) or Blood Bag to max your blood
Nauseous, Coughing, Wounded Body Part or Coma
Use  Surgery Kit
Broken Bone Use Splint or ori 12

Gray Zone Warfare – What Each Healing Item Does

  • Bandages: Stops light bleeding
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  • Tourniquets: Stop light to heavy bleeding
  • Splints: Fix for damaged bones
  • Surgery kits: Can heal or completely fix damaged internal organs
  • Blood bags: Increase your overall blood level
  • Pills: Can treat radiation, pain, and other effects. Check the table below for specific details
  • Stimulators: Offer you “buffs” when used with a cost. Details below

Gray Zone Warfare – What Each Pill Does

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  • Activated Charcoal – Removes Intoxication
  • Potassium Iodide – Removes Radiation
  • Meloxicam – Removes pain and inflammation

Gray Zone Warfare – What Each Stimulant Does

  • Ori 12 – Regenerates 50% of all Bones but costs an increase in intoxication and pain
How to Heal all Status Effects in Gray Zone Warfare
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