How to Get the Cerim Armor Set in No Rest for the Wicked

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How to Get the Cerim Armor Set in No Rest for the Wicked

Wondering how to get your hands on the Early Access exclusive Cerim Armor set in No Rest for the Wicked? Here's the answer.

No Rest for the Wicked is finally out in Early Access, and people are going wild over it for good reasons. From the creators of the Ori games, No Rest for the Wicked hurls you into a beautiful yet dangerous world filled with secrets behind every corner.

Building your character properly is a huge part of this ARPG, which means you need to have the right stats, the right weapons, and, of course, the right armor equipped if you want to take on some of the more challenging enemies later on.

If you’ve bought the Early Access of the game, then you should already have a pretty cool and powerful armor set in your arsenal. Those who bought the version will get a free Cerim Armor Set that they can claim when they play it.

But how do you get it, and why should you care?

Well, these are the questions that we’ll answer in this article! Let’s get started.

Where Do You Get the Cerim Armor set in No Rest for the Wicked

How to Get the Cerim Armor Set in No Rest for the Wicked

Even though the armor set is a free reward for Early Access owners of No Rest for the Wicked, you can’t claim it as soon as you start the game. You need to complete the Prologue and the first section of the game before you can get your hands on it.

That means you’ll need to clear The Shallows and Mariner’s Keep areas and also kill the first boss, Warrick, The Torn. Once you defeat the first boss, your path to Sacrament will open. Get to the city, look around if you have to, and head to the Rookery to get some rest.

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When you wake up the next day, the city and all the Merchants and vendors will open for you. You need to talk to a specific NPC to get the Cerim Armor Set.

How to Get the Cerim Armor Set in No Rest for the Wicked

The NPC in question is Captain Randolph, the guy who gives you the Daily and Weekly Bounty and Challenges. When you talk to him, you’ll see an option called Entitlements.

Click it, and then choose Claim Early Access Rewards. The Cerim Armor set will be neatly added to your inventory—it’s as easy as that!

The Cerim Armor Set – Overview

How to Get the Cerim Armor Set in No Rest for the Wicked

The Cerim Armor set is a common armor containing four pieces of item that you can wear. If you’ve read our guide on No Rest for the Wicked weapon and gear system, then you already know that common items offer the most customization options.

All of the pieces combined gives you 420 armor and 22 poise which is significant for the late game. The level requirement for this armor set is 21 which means you won’t be able to equip it until you get into the later stages of the game. But for the end game Cerim Crucible dungeon, it’s a must-have.

You’ll be able to infuse it with four gems to make it even stronger. And the bonuses for each armor piece are also quite good. Here’s a quick rundown of each of the four parts of the Cerim Armor set:

Cerim Cloak:

The main body of the armor, Cerim Cloak comes with 176 armor and 10 poise significantly beefing up the defense of your character. Although it’s a bit heavy with it’s 60 weight requirement, there are few armor in the game that add as much defense as this one.

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Cerim Hood:

The headpiece, Cerim Hood, also offers a nice boost with 82 armor and 4 poise. The weight requirement for this piece is 30.

Cerim Leggings:

The Cerim Leggings is another piece that significantly improves your character’s defenses. By boosting your armor by 123 and adding 6 poise, this armor piece will make sure you can face most damage the enemies throw at you.

Cerim Gloves:

Finally, the last piece of the set, Cerim Gloves, adds 39 armor and 2 extra poise to your character. While it’s not much, when used in combination with the other pieces, you’ll be able to withstand all damage.

When Should You Get The Cerim Armor Set?

Though the Cerim Armor set is a free reward for those who bought the Early Access, we don’t recommend claiming it just yet. This is a one-time reward for a single character. So, if you plan on running multiple builds with different characters, you won’t be able to claim it for each of them.

Besides, since the level requirement for the armor set is so high, we recommend leaving it with Captain Randolph until you’re strong enough to use it. Having it sit in your inventory and eating up your backpack slots isn’t the brightest idea, with inventory space being as small as it already is in No Rest for the Wicked.

Also, don’t sell it to any of the Sacrament Merchants, as it will disappear from your inventory forever if you do.

For more tips and info on No Rest for the Wicked, keep your eyes on ESTNN!

How to Get the Cerim Armor Set in No Rest for the Wicked
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