How to Get Into the WoW Dragonflight Beta, Creator Giveaways

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How to Get Into the WoW Dragonflight Beta, Creator Giveaways

Blizzard has partnered with numerous creators to giveaway Dragonflight Beta access.

From Twitter to YouTube and Twitch, you'll have plenty of chances to get in on the action. With the Beta now in full swing, Blizzard is ramping up the rollout of Beta access. Below you'll find the full list of creators giving away codes and what day they'll be doing it. This first batch will begin today, September 15th and run until September 23rd. If you don't get lucky this time, Blizzard stated they'll have many more opportunities in the future.


15/9 – 17/9 Dragonflight Beta giveaway

Content Creator Channel Language
AnnieFuchsia English
bunten English
dratnos English
eiya English
jdotb English
kaiito English
Maximum English
Nobbel English
sco English
Towelliee English
yumytv English
Kusa French
Zoltan French
PewPewMika Italian
MigguzTV Spanish (EU)
Biscoitãohu3 Portuguese (LatAm)
G4mehouse Portuguese (LatAm)
Yetz Portuguese (LatAm)
Blizzholics Spanish (LatAm)
ChowdeerST Spanish (LatAm)
El Diario de Karlana Spanish (LatAm)


18/8 – 20/9 Dragonflight Beta giveaway

Content Creator Channel Language
Celheals English
Haughty Chicken English
Naesam English
Naguura English
SamTalkz English
Supatease English
BigBadHater French
Cruelladk French
Manacrew German
GreedyGolds Italian
IannaTV Italian
Wochi Italian
Palanakir Portuguese (LatAm)
Moviendose del FuegoéndosedelFuego Spanish (LatAm)
Xano Spanish (LatAm)

21/9 – 23/9 Dragonflight Beta giveaway


Content Creator Channel Language
CoryMissildine English
Hali English
Krista English
Lambbchops English
LeystTV English
MarcelianOnline English
MrGM English
Preach English
Tettles English
Tiqqle English
Xyronic English
Nayru French
Spiralusgtm Polish
AlterTime Spanish (EU)
Phoebina Spanish (EU)
Alurana Portuguese (LatAm)
IKVITE Portuguese (LatAm)
Nanda Portuguese (LatAm)
SrBabinski Portuguese (LatAm)
RocketRamy Spanish (LatAm)
viciosin Spanish (LatAm)


How to opt-in to the Dragonflight Beta?

While these giveaways will go on for several weeks, make sure to opt-in to become a tester on the Blizzard site to increase your chances. Here's Blizzard “Getting Started” guide to testing Dragonflight.

  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Run the desktop app—it may need to update itself if you haven’t run it recently. If you don’t have the app installed, get started here.
  • Once is installed and updated, select World of Warcraft from the list of games.
  • In the Game Version drop-down menu above the Play button, choose the Dragonflight Beta (listed under In Development) option, then click Install.
  • Allow the installation to complete, click Play and select any available Test Servers.
  • Create a new test character or use the character copy to import your existing Shadowlands character.
  • Enter the game and test the content.

What's in the Dragonflight Beta?

New systems, the complete leveling experience, zones, dungeons, and the new playable Dracthyr Evokers are all available in the beta. Raid testing and max level “pre-made” characters are also now available. Head over to the patch notes to read more about these and other changes. To help keep you informed, we’ve rounded up our latest preview articles.

How to Get Into the WoW Dragonflight Beta, Creator Giveaways
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