How to Get Double PlayStyle+ For a Single Player

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How to Get Double PlayStyle+ For a Single Player

Can you get more than one PlayStyle+ for one player in Ultimate Team? Find out how to get double PlayStyle+ for a single EVO player

We have seen players flaunting multiple PlayStyles in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, but that was not the case regarding PlayStyle+. EA Sports granted only one PlayStyle+ to select players, which gave them exceptional skills in a specific area. But hold on to your hats because we've discovered the very first EA FC 24 item packing not one but double the PlayStyle+ boost! How can you get double PlayStyle+ for an active EVO card? Let’s find out.

How To Get Double PlayStyle+ For A Single Card

To get two PlayStyle+ on a card simultaneously, select an Evolution offering a PlayStyle+ upgrade. Make sure not to claim the final reward, though. Wait till the Evolution expires before making your next move. For example, the photo below shows that the Ultimate Team Champions upgrade requires 16 days to complete. So, you need to stay put for 16 days.

How to Get Double PlayStyle+ For a Single Player

Credit: EA Sports

When the first Evolution expires, you must put the EVO item into another Evolution. The second Evolution must also have a PlayStyle+ reward. Complete the second Evolution and claim the final reward. You should have two PlayStyle+ afterward.

This seems to be a glitch rather than an intentional gameplay update since EA Sports hasn't officially informed players about it. The discovery came from a user named “Trey,” who evolved Cancelo, resulting in the Portuguese fullback gaining the Intercept and Incisive Pass PlayStyle+ attributes.

The Evolution route he chose is Rare Defender Upgrade to Pep’s Legacy. He waited for the first one to expire, did not claim the rewards, then moved on to the latter and unlocked both PlayStyle+ offerings. Trey also showed that the card is usable in matches, so the double PlayStyle+ is in the code of the game. He also expressed optimism that TOTY cards might come with double PlayStyle+ skills.

This is not the first PlayStyle+ glitch that has hit the game. When EA FC 24 launched in late September, players took advantage of an unlimited PlayStyle+ bug in Clubs mode. Players who were level 25 or above got to exploit this glitch.

At level 25, you'll find only a handful of PlayStyle Plus options, holding back those supercharged PlayStyles like Finesse Shot Plus, Whipped Cross Plus, Anticipate Plus, and Trivela Plus until you climb higher up the ladder. Players bypassed this restriction by taking advantage of the bug and unlocked PlayStyle+ traits like Power Shot Plus and Quick Reflexes Plus, which aren’t available before reaching level 75.

How to Get Double PlayStyle+ For a Single Player
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