How To Get A Glider in Palia

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How To Get A Glider in Palia

If you are unsure how to get a glider in Palia, we will show you all steps. Let’s dive in.

Palia is a unique game that allows you to do a lot of things, such as selling specific items for gold. With that said, players can get a glider and use it as a transportation method. Besides being faster, this will allow you to have a lot of fun because you can jump off cliffs and do a lot of other things. 

Of course, learning how to get a glider in Palia is key if you want to use this item because you can’t just craft it. Let’s learn more about it. 

How to Get a Glider in Palia?

In order to get a Glider in Palia, you must complete the “Like a Bird” quest. The latter becomes available once you complete a quest chain called The Ancient Battery. Once you start this quest, there will be a point where you won’t be able to cross a chasm. This is when you have to talk to Jiina, and she will tell you to meet Najuma, which will start the quest.

Now that you have done it, it is time to get your Palia glider. Once you speak to Najuma, the latter will ask you to bring the following materials:

  • Sapwood Planks (x3)
  • Leather (x5)
  • Fabric (x2)

Once you have all those items, you have to go back to Najuma, and she will reward you with the Glider.

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Using the Palia Glider

Now that you know how to get a glider in Palia, it is time to use your new item. Although it may seem complicated, the reality is that you can use it when flying by equipping it to the Accessries slot. Once ready, you must jump off a given place and press the jump button. This will automatically “summon” the Glider and you can use it. 

How To Get A Glider in Palia
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