How to Fix The Finals TFAV1012 Error

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How to Fix The Finals TFAV1012 Error

Do you want to know how to fix The Finals TFAV1012 error? This is the right place for you! Unfortunately, The Finals has been affected by different types of errors over the course of these days, as we have already reported to you in the case of the System Integrity Violation error. In this guide, however, we will tell you everything you need to know about The Finals TFAV1012 error, which, unfortunately, is causing problems for several players.

If you are among those who have had the misfortune of running into this particular error, in this article, we will try to find a solution that can solve the problem, even if not definitively. We would like to point out, however, that what is indicated may not work for everyone since the causes of this error are still unknown.

What's The Finals TFAV1012 Error and How to Solve it

As we have already mentioned, the causes that led to the creation of this problem are not yet fully known. However, it seems that it could be an error that is created when players decide to upgrade their PC's RAM, at least according to the testimonies of several users online. In fact, the point in common with all those who have encountered this problem is precisely the fact that they have increased the RAM capacity recently. Consequently, it seems that the causes are to be found in this operation, even if there is nothing official yet.

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However, it seems that there is a potential fix that could resolve this situation, although not permanently, because some users continue to receive The Finals TFAV1012 error, albeit less frequently. What you can do to try to resolve the situation is to delete the EasyAntiCheat and Discovery folders, as, for some reason, it seems that these folders are creating this type of problem. How to do it? It's actually very simple. Follow these steps:

  • Open The Finals folder
  • Go to Appdata > Roaming > EasyAntiCheat folder
  • Go to Appdata > Local > Discovery folder
  • Go to Steam and verify your game files
    • Either right-click the game in your Library, or click the gear icon from the game's Library page on the far right
    • Select Properties > Select “Installed Files” tab and click the “Verify integrity of game files” button

This is not an official solution, and it works for all users. We repeat it once again, but many have managed to temporarily solve the problem. The best thing to do, obviously, is to wait for the developers to release a fix patch that can solve this type of root problem so that no one has to deal with The Finals TFAV1012 error anymore. Until then, this is the only solution you have to try to fix things and be able to play the game without impediments.

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The Finals TFAV1012 error

How to Fix The Finals TFAV1012 Error
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