How to Fix Mic Echo in Lethal Company

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How to Fix Mic Echo in Lethal Company

Are you facing mic echo issues while playing Lethal Company with friends? Then, keep on reading to learn how to fix mic echo in the game

Lethal Company is a viral indie co-op horror survival game developed by Zekeerss. It was released on 24 October 2023 and is currently in early access. The game is set in a retrofuturistic and dystopian post-apocalyptic world. In the game, players are hired by a corporate organization named the “Company” to explore various abandoned and industrialized moons in search of collectible scraps for sale. These moons are home to various monsters who reside inside facilities or outdoors and players must kill or escape from them to collect the scraps to meet the profit quota every 3 days. 

Currently, the game can be played solo or with up to 4 players in a lobby. Of course, as it is a co-op game players have to be in constant communication. There are currently two modes of communication in the game which include text and voice chat, which are both proximity-based. Unfortunately, as the game is in early access, there are a lot of problems that players using proximity voice chat have to face. The main problem is mic echo, which makes players hear their own voices and all sorts of noises from one's mic. Hence, here is how to fix mic echo in Lethal Company.

Issues for mic echo in Lethal Company 

Now, just like every problem in a game, it is of course caused by some sort of issue. As the game is in early access, it is even more normal to face bugs, glitches and errors. In the case of mic echo, there are a few main issues that cause it and those are given as follows: 

In-Game Audio Settings

Sometimes, your in-game audio settings, specifically your microphone settings may be misconfigured. It is possible that the misconfigured settings are not letting your input device function properly and causing the mic echo issue. 

Audio Driver Issues

If your audio drivers are not updated to the latest version on your computer, the microphone may not be able to function properly. Not just outdated audio drivers but incompatible audio drivers can also cause this mic echo issue. 

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Microphone Configuration Issues

If your input device is not configured properly, it is natural that the microphone will not work properly. Hence, make sure to check that your mic is actually connected and not muted. Also, verify that it is set as the default input device on your computer. 

Antivirus or Firewall Settings

Sometimes, the firewall or antivirus software on your computer can cause many issues, like blocking access to certain things in the game. This can include your microphone access, so make sure that your microphone is given access to be used in Lethal Company. 

Software Conflict Issues

Having background processes and/or other software running on your computer can sometimes interfere with the settings of a game. This can cause the microphone access for your game to be blocked partially and cause mic echo. 

Hardware Conflict Issues

Oftentimes, the issue is not with any software, in-game settings or misconfiguration, it is actually with the hardware on your computer. Hence, check whether your audio port is working and if your microphone is working properly as well because that can cause mic echo.

How to fix mic echo

Now that you know what the common causes of mic echo are, you need to know how to fix and troubleshoot it. There are a few simple ways that you can fix this issue within minutes. Hence, here are some ways on how to fix mic echo in Lethal Company:

Check your Microphone’s Connectivity

If the audio port on your computer or the microphone itself is not working properly, that can cause a mic echo. Hence, check if your audio port and microphone are working properly by using the mic on a different software and the audio port with a different device. Also, unplug and plug your microphone to make sure it is connected properly to your computer.

Update your Audio Drivers

As mentioned before, not up-to-date and/or incompatible audio drivers can cause mic echo. Hence, make sure to update your audio drivers and verify their compatibility with your input device. 

Configure your In-Game Audio Settings Properly 

How to Fix Mic Echo in Lethal Company

Misconfigured audio settings can cause mic echo, hence make sure that the proper input device is set as your default microphone in the game and check the input volume. 

Lower the Sound Settings

If your earphones or headphones are too loud, that can cause your mic to pick up that noise and cause mic echo. Hence, make sure to lower the volume of your game and the volume of your teammates' audio. Also, make sure that the recording volume or output volume is not too loud.

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Close all Background Software

Having multiple background processes and/or software running can cause your microphone to be accessed at the same time, which can lead to mic echo. Hence, make sure to close all background processes and other running software like Discord. 

Configure your Firewall and Antivirus Software Settings

As mentioned before, firewall and antivirus software can cause your microphone to be partially blocked, leading to inevitable mic echo in Lethal Company. Hence, make sure to check your firewall and antivirus software settings to give proper access to your microphone or unblock it, if it is blocked. 

Configure your Microphone Settings

Another common fix is fixing the settings for your input device, i.e. your microphone on your computer which can be misconfigured. Go to your Sound Settings, then your Input Device, select your Microphone and decrease the Input Volume to fix the mic echo. 

Fix your Microphone Placement

Yes, it might sound silly, but microphone placement can cause crackling and/or distortion in your audio which can lead to mic echo. Hence, make sure that your microphone is absolutely not too close to your face or touching your face directly.

Restart your Computer and Game

As a last resort, we have a universal fix for all errors, bugs and glitches: the restart your everything fix. Hence, when you are facing mic echo, restart your game and see if the issue is resolved. If that doesn’t do the trick, restart your computer and then relaunch the game to see if the issue is gone. 


No matter how well-made a game is, errors are not in the developers’ control. When a game is creating servers for over 100,000 people on a daily basis despite being in early access, bugs are inevitable. Not only that, what other software a user uses cannot be predicted, so sometimes conflicting issues can cause these problems to arise. It is easily fixable by troubleshooting and disabling some minor things, so don’t fret and keep your calm even though it is quite annoying to have your mic echo when you’re just trying to play the game. 

If you want to solve this issue easily, make sure to read up on our guide on how to fix mic echo in Lethal Company and check out other guides on our website. Make sure to stay tuned for more in the future!

How to Fix Mic Echo in Lethal Company
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